Fortnite Game Season 3 Chapter 2 Get Wet Players

After being postponed many times, Epic Games seems to be ready to release Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 in the near future. It was known from two videos uploaded on Fortnite’s Youtube channel on Wednesday (6/17/2020). The video was also shared by the @Fortnite account on Twitter.

Fortnite Battle Pass Poster Chapter 2

The first video is a snippet alias trailer of season newest later, while the second video is leaked anything that players get when they buy a premium feature “Battle Pass”.

Based on the video footage, Season 3 of Chapter 2 Fortnite will invite wet players, with the theme “Splashdown”. As the name suggests, players will encounter a lot of water elements in the game. One of the highlights is the presence of a DC Comics superhero , Aquaman.

Interestingly, Aquaman in this game is similar to the Aquaman character played by Jason Momoa in the film of the same title, in 2018 then. Besides Aquaman, players will also find a new area filled with house buildings.

Rows of wooden buildings are placed in a location that is flooded with water, more like a coast or a small island. Also seen there are sharks that will drag users when they fish in the sea.

Besides various water-related content, players also seem to be able to drive a car with their relatives while fighting on the streets. Previously, players could only drive a boat boat, not a car.

There are also several new “skins” that can be obtained by users in the latest season, including “umbrella”, or in-game items like parachutes in the PUBG Mobile game, which can be designed according to the user’s wishes.

Season 3 of Chapter 2 Fortnite will begin sometime after the maintenance process is finished, at least according to the @FortniteStatus account on Twitter.

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