Fortnite Update 5.30 Show New Weapons ‘Shockwave Grenade’

Renewing Fortnite 5.30 content has been active starting today or August 29 2018. With this update, users get several new updates for weapon selection and available modes in the game.


Reporting from the Kotaku page , in the update there is a new item, namely Shockwave Grenade which is an item that gives more mobility or movement than damage. This item can be used for remote attacks against enemies.

You can use Shockwave Grenade as a kind of rocket jump without damage if you need to get somewhere fast. In addition, you can use it to knock down enemies, if you are in an unfavorable situation.

Another update is the limited time mode for Battle Royale, called Solid Gold. This mode allows players, in solo or 5V5, to play only with very rare weapons.

For information, Fortnite is a game with the battle royale genre that has been successful since its release on iOS devices. The game has generated USD100 million to date and is rumored to generate as much as USD2 million per day.

In early August, Ubergizmo reported that Fortnite on iOS had made it past the 100 million download limit. Until now it has managed to generate USD160 million from purchases in the application from the iOS version only.

Following in the footsteps of success on iOS, Fortnite games can also be felt by Andorid users. even so it seems that Android users must try a little to start playing on the cellphone.

This is because this application is not available in Play Store, because Google’s new policy, Epic Games is required to pay 30 percent of income. To work around this, Epic Games presents Fortnite for Android in the form of Android Beta.

In full, users must register for the game on the official Epic Games website. In addition, this game is also only available for mobile phones with high specifications or flagship phones.

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