Framerate Affects the Effects of Shots on PUBG Games

PUBG games allow characters to carry out attacks such as shooting or throwing grenades. Gun differences affect the difference in the rate of fire and recoil in the game.

PUBG Games

Is the frame rate higher, for example 180 fps and 60 fps, so the weapon is easier to control? It turns out that this has a difference in each frame rate produced, as quoted by Pcgamer , Thursday (1/24/2019)

Youtuber WackyJacky101 has experimented with shooting walls inside the game, to see the difference that exists when the game displays a different frame rate.

The results show that with high rate-of-fire weapons such as Groza, the lower frame rate results in a lower rate of fire and a more controlled firing or recoil effect.

This problem seems to be very severe for Groza and the frame rate also changes the shooting patterns of M416 and Vector. Meanwhile, several weapons were not affected such as AKM and SCAR-L.


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