Game “Call of Duty Mobile” Enter Season 8, There Are Maps and New Modes

The popular game Call of Duty (COD) Mobile re-entered the new season through the latest update. Season 8 carries the theme “The Forge” and also presents a new battle pass (BP).

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8

Through BP in this 8th season, players can get two unique costumes from Tank Dempsey and Krueger characters, as well as new weapons, DR-H assault rifles and HBRa3 rifle guns. There is also a new map called Highrise, which was adapted from the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

The latest map that can be used in Multiplayer mode offers a battlefield with the feel of the construction site in a skyscraper. Players can utilize the helipad’s base to aim at enemies from a height or take cover behind building construction.

In addition to the new map, the player also arrives a Juggernaut mode. This mode is a multiplayer 5 VS 1 mode, where players will fight against Juggernaut, a game character known to be strong in the Call of Duty series. Players can collect points by defeating Juggernaut.

In this brand-new mode, players also have the opportunity to act as Juggernaut. Not to forget, there was introduced a new Skill Operator named Katana.

Summarized from Express, Saturday (11/07/2020), the new COD Mobile season 8 update has begun to be rolled out gradually for the Android and iOS platforms. In the near future, Activision reportedly also plans to hold the event Days of Summer and Solstice Awakene in COD Mobile.

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