Gamers Cannot Play Google Stadia Using Cell Phones, Must Be a Wi-Fi Connection

Stadia , Google’s cloud -based streaming service, will soon launch in several countries in November 2019. Ahead of the launch, a number of new information about Google Stadia began to be revealed. One such info, namely gamers must use an additional cable if you want to play Stadia games on smartphones.

Google Stadia Specifications

New news about Google Stadia also re-appeared on the internet. This time, Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Google’s tools and services spoke up.

Quoted from page Gizchina , Monday (10/21/2019), Stadia will not function with a cellular connection, must be connected Wi-Fi or ethernet.

This means you can’t play Stadia games anywhere, but will be limited by an internet connection.

Some believe, Google wants those who buy Stadia to play the game in the most optimal environment, and avoid negative opinions / reviews from the first user.

Internet Speed ​​to Play Google Stadia

Google Stadia controller

ocated at the 2019 Game Developer Conference (GDC), Google revealed information about how fast an internet connection is needed to be able to play games at Stadia.

“The internet speed needed to play the game at Google Stadia at 1080p / 60fps resolution is 25 megabits per second,” said Google VP, Phil Harrison, as quoted by Gamerant , Friday (3/22/2019).

” Gamers can play games at Stadia with internet speeds that are smaller than that, but 25 megabits is indeed our recommendation.”

Different from conventional game consoles

google stadia logo

Furthermore, the internet speed requirement to be able to play Google Stadia can be a cloud -based streaming service that is superior to the next-generation game console.

However, Sony and Microsoft themselves are rumored to be offering better streaming service – from now on – to the latest PS5 and Xbox consoles.

Because they still use console devices, both loyal Sony and Microsoft gamers can play games bought offline.

With this capability, of course gamers who do not have a stable internet connection will prefer conventional consoles rather than Stadia which need a stable speed.

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