Genshin Impact Updated to Version 1.2, There is “Acquaint Fate” Free

Mihoyo’s Role Playing Game (RPG) , Genshin Impact is getting an update again. Through the version 1.2 update entitled “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”, Mihoyo brought some new content to the game.

Genshin Impact Updated

One of them is the presence of a new area called Dragonspine . Different from the rest of Teyvat area, Dragonspine is the only area (for now) covered with snow. In this area too, players will encounter many new enemies who carry Cryo (es) elements.

In the Dragonspine area, Mihoyo also presents a new system called the Subzero Area, where the cold will affect the character’s body temperature. When exploring the Dragonspine area, the character will continue to accumulate “Sheer Cold”.

When the “Sheer Cold” indicator has passed the maximum limit, the character will lose HP (life) periodically. To overcome this, players can make various efforts to keep their body warm, such as standing near campfires and torches.

Acquaint Fate is free In addition to presenting the new map, Mihoyo also add features gift ( reward ) in the process of ascension characters. After updating the game, players who do character ascension at level 20, 50, and 70 will get one free Acquaint Fate.

To claim Acquaint Fate for free, players can access the Character menu and select the Attributes menu. Next, click on the little star-shaped icon to the right of the character’s name. If the character is at level 20, 50 or 70, players can immediately claim the prize by pressing the Claim button.

Please note that this Acquaint Fate can only be used on the normal gacha banner, so it cannot be used on the monthly gacha banner. The good news is, this feature also applies to other characters who have experienced ascension before the update.

New five star characters

This version 1.2 update also marks Zhongli’s departure from the monthly gacha banner rotation . Instead, Mihoyo released a new character named Albedo. Albedo itself is the second five-star character after Zhongli who carries the Geo (earth) element.

As compiled from the Mihoyo website, Wednesday (23/12/2020), Albedo is known as an alchemist and captain of the Knights of Favonius Investigation Team. During the next 20 days, players can get Albedo through the Secretum Secretorum gacha banner, which can be accessed through the gacha menu.

Apart from Albedo, players also have the opportunity to get four-star characters, such as Bennet (Pyro), Sucrose (Anemo), and Fiscl (Electro). After the appointed time is over, Mihoyo plans to replace Albedo in the monthly gacha rotation banner by presenting Ganyu, a five-star character with Cryo elements.

To be able to get a variety of new content above, users must first update the Genshin Impact game application on their respective platforms.

Especially for the Mobile version, players can first update the game through the Google Play Store and App Store. Furthermore, players can continue the update process in the game which requires 1.7 GB of storage space.


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