Getting ready! Arena of Valor Launches on the Nintendo Switch in September 2018

Games with the genre of online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA), Arena of Valor (AOV) seems to be reaching the console platform, the Nintendo Switch. Not waiting long, AOV reportedly ready to launch on the Nintendo Switch in September 2018, as reported by Nintendolife , Tuesday (08/21/2018).

Arena of Valor

Previously, Tencent had also aired the official AOV video trailer that offered updates. It includes 5 to 5 battles with more than 30 heroes, and enhanced visuals.

Apparently, the presence of this game on the Nintendo Switch is quite attention-grabbing. Because there are rarely MOBA games that also penetrate console devices. However, the switch is different from the console in general.

This is because, players can run MOBA games because the shape is portable and also supports touchscreen functions. So that players can still navigate and play controls like on PSP or smartphones.

For information, AOV is a game that is popular in China and Indonesia. This game is often juxtaposed with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who have the same type of game.

MOBA itself is indeed one type of game that is quite popular in the world. However, some game fans in the United States are still more familiar with games like League of Legends and Dota 2 that are played on PCs.


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