Glancing at the New Marksman Hero Skill in Mobile Legends, Natan

For fans of Mobile Legends (ML), the arrival of Nathan as a new hero character will give a different color in each game. This is because the long-awaited hero of the fans has its own unique skills and abilities. Moonton as the developer has presented Natan in the Land of Dawn as a Marksman-type hero with CC and damage levels that are worth considering.

Natan Mobile Legends Hero Skill

Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss Nathan’s new hero skills and their strengths. As we all know, Mobile Legends is one of the most popular Android-based games. In a certain period of time, new heroes with certain types and skills will be added to the system, so that players can test their strength. Before trying Nathan, let’s get acquainted with Nathan’s skills first.

Nathan’s Ability

Nathan's Ability

Hero Nathan will be released in the near future by Moonton. Reportedly the release of Natan will coincide with a new patch update on the Advance Server. Before it was released, many people thought Nathan would be present as a Marksman with Physical strength.


However, it was later revealed that he is a Marksman-type hero who relies on Magic Damage, just like Kimmy. This requires Nathan to use a mage build instead of his DPS build. If used properly, Nathan’s attack speed and damage will be very deadly.

Natan’s basic attack gives +100 Physical Attack and +20% Total Magic Power. If he manages to hit the enemy with his skills, Nathan will get an entanglement stack. Attack Speed ​​will increase by 15% for 5 seconds per stack and this ability can be used up to 6 times.

Skill 1 (Superposition)

Nathan will collect an unstable amount of energy into a location. The energy will explode after 0.8 seconds, thus dealing 300 (+125% Total Physical ATK) Magic Damage to enemies around the area.

There is no difficulty for Nathan to spam skills to fill his stack. When firing a projectile, enemies in the vicinity of the fired area will be dragged back and stopped in an area.

Even though the projectile size is small, this skill can kill all enemies in the area. It is admitted that Natan has a strange crowd control and has never had another hero in Mobile Legends (ML).

Skill 2 (Interference)

In this 2nd skill, Nathan releases his gravitational power towards the targeted enemy. This attack will later cause a Knockback effect to the enemy and the surrounding Creeps. Then deals 150 (+50% Total Physical ATK and +70% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Furthermore, with his damage, Natan will drag enemies into a certain zone and deal 30 (+10% Total Physical Attack, +114% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage every 0.4 seconds which lasts 2.4 seconds.

Ultimate Skill (Entropy)

Nathan will open an entrance or portal called Wormhole within 8 yards. It will go into it for 8 seconds. After entering the Wormhole, Nathan can move to the exit instantly. It will get a 40% increase in Movement Speed ​​which decreases rapidly in 2 seconds.

The uniqueness of Nathan’s Ultimate skill is the Reverse Clone that appears from the Wormhole. This is a kind of self-duplicating skill that is able to babble on the enemy when they want to attack. The Reverse Clone will follow Nathan’s movements and will attack in reverse order.

Reverse Clone will also receive 25% of Nathan’s Damage attribute and will be lost if he moves too far from Nathan’s original body. The Magic Damage given is +125% Total Physical Attack and +80% Total Magic Power.

Nathan will be released with deadly skills and powers. If the player is able to maximize his skills, Nathan could become an overpowered hero in Mobile Legends. However, according to the news, Natan will only be released within a certain time limit and can be used in a limited time event.

Too bad if this news is true, it means we can only play it for a short time. Though there are many interesting things to be extracted from Nathan. Let’s just hope, hopefully Moonton can release Natan permanently, okay?


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