Hanzo’s Build Hurt Guide and Tips in Mobile Legends

Hanzo is an assassin with a unique ability because he can swallow and kill creep jungles or minions in the lane. Because of this ability Hanzo can get buffs quickly, or even steal the opponent’s jungle creep to hinder the enemy.

Well for those of you who want to play Hanzo on Mobile Legends, it’s better to check out the guide and build a sick Hanzo that you can use in this June 2020 META Mobile Legends !

1. Hanzo Build Pain

[Raptor Machete]

As the hero who can farming quickly, of course Raptor Machete into a selection of items best to Hanzo for items jungle this one will provide additional exp 30 percent after Hanzo managed to kill creep jungle. That way he can reach a high level very quickly.

[Swift Boots]

There are several choices of shoes that can be used by Hanzo, but here the author uses an attack speed booster shoe named Swift Boots because Hanzo is a hero assassin who needs a high attack speed so his skills can be activated.

But for those of you who don’t like this item , you can also use other shoe items like Warrior Boots if you need high armor , or Magic Shoes if you need additional cooldown reduction .

[Blade of the Heptaseas]

Next there is an item that is very mandatory for use by an assassin, namely Blade of the Heptaseas . This one item will increase the damage caused by Hanzo because it increases physical attack points and physical penetration and increases the number of HP points. In addition this item will also increase basic attack damage by 150 percent after Hanzo does not give or receive damage for 5 seconds.

[Endless Battle]

After successfully buying Blade of the Heptaseas, then you can immediately buy Endless Battle because this item is very useful for Hanzo. Endless Battle increases physical attack, cooldown reduction, movement speed, lifesteal, and several other statuses.

Not only that, Endless Battle also has a passive which makes basic attacks can cause an additional 70 percent physical attack as true damage. When the passive is triggered, Hanzo will also get movement speed of 1 point.

[Blade of Despair]

Blade of Despair is the best and most expensive physical attack item in Mobile Legends, because this item increases physical attacks by 170 points. In addition, Blade of Despair also has a passive which can increase damage by up to 25 percent when attacking enemies with HP below 50 percent.


For the last item you can use Windtalker to increase attack speed, movement speed, and a number of critical chances. With this item Hanzo can quickly unlock his skills when using ultimate.

2. Hanzo Emblem

[Custom Assassin Emblem]

As an assassin, surely Hanzo must use an emblem that is specific to assassin because it increases physical attack, physical penetration, critical chance, cooldown reduction, and movement speed.

[Talent Tier 1: Agility]

Of the three talent choices available in this tier , the author uses Agility to increase movement speed by 2 percent at each level because Hanzo requires movement speed high enough so that his ultimate skill can approach the enemy easily.

[Talent Tier 2: Invasion]

To increase damage output especially to hero tanks, Hanzo can take a talent tier 2 called Invasion to increase physical penetration by 2 points per level.

[Talent Tier 3: Bounty Hunter]

So that Hanzo can get rich quickly, then Hanzo can use a tier 3 talent named Bounty Hunter because this one talent will provide additional gold when Hanzo successfully kills an enemy hero.

3. Hanzo Battle Spell

Battle Spell Hanzo


Flicker is one of the spell choices that can be used by Hanzo. This one spell can be combined with Hanzo’s ultimate so he can chase enemies very easily. In some situations and conditions Flicker can also be used to escape from the pursuit of the enemy.


In addition to Flicker, Hanzo can also use a spell called Execute to execute his enemy easily because Execute will deal considerable damage to a dying enemy.

4. Hanzo Combo Skill

Combo Skill Hanzo

Ultimate skill> basic attack > skill 2> skill 1. After activating the ultimate skill, Hanzo must use basic attack in order to activate other skills .

5. Gameplay Tips

Steal Buff’s Enemy in Early Game

Hanzo has the ability to eat and kill creep jungles very easily and quickly. Therefore when the game starts, then you can inhibit enemies by stealing buffs especially blue buffs in the early game.

Use Ultimate in a Safe Place

When activating the ultimate skill, Hanzo will part far from his body. Therefore you should use the ultimate skill in a safe place such as in a bush so the enemy cannot interfere and kill Hanzo easily.

Now that’s the discussion about Hanzo’s guide and build tips hurt in Mobile Legends.

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