Here Are 4 Types of Cheats Among Us That Bother The Players

Among Us is now one of the most popular games around the world. One risk of a game online popular and the game is free is susceptible penetrated to cheat. There are several Among Us cheats that are very unsettling for the players, making players feel uncomfortable when playing this game.

Now, in today’s discussion, we will discuss four types of cheats among us that are often encountered and annoying. About what? So instead of you guys curious, let’s just take a good look at the discussion below!

1. Can see who the impostor is


First of all is a cheat where the user can see who the Impostor is even though he is a Crewmate. Of course, this is very annoying and makes the game feel less fun.

Maybe those of you who are Impostors have met cheaters who use this cheat . If you are caught as an Impostor even though you haven’t done anything yet but there is someone who believes that you are the Impostor, then most likely that person is using a cheat.

2. Kill Without Cooldown

Among Us cheat

The next Among Us cheat is a cheat where an Impostor can kill without having to wait for a long cooldown . Just like the first cheat , kill without cooldown is a cheat that really disturbs the comfort and reduces the joy of playing Among Us.

An Impostor who uses this cheat can instantly kill Crewmates in a short period of time, and the Impostor can win immediately.

3. Remote Kill

Remote Kill cheats

There are still types of cheats that are profitable for Impostor, namely cheats that allow Impostor to kill remotely. Usually Impostor has been given a distance to be able to do a kill, but with this cheat an Impostor can kill without being hindered by distance.

If you suddenly die and no one is near you, then you can be sure that you are playing with a cheater.

4. Run fast

Run fast cheats

The type of Among Us cheat that worries the next player is a cheat that makes Crewmate or Impostor run very fast. If you become an Impostor and meet a Crewmate who uses this cheat , it will be very annoying because you can’t kill them.

Conversely, if you are a Crewmate and are faced with an Impostor who uses fast running cheats , you will definitely have a hard time finding out who just killed the Crewmate.

So, that was the discussion regarding several types of Among Us cheats that were very unsettling to the players. As a true gamer, you shouldn’t use cheats to win.

Besides disturbing the comfort of playing, using cheats will also slowly damage the game itself. So you should not use cheats in any game, including Among Us !

Have you ever met a player who used one of the four cheats above? Try writing down your experience in the comments column!

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