Here Are 5 Strongest Free Fire Weapons for September 2020, Survivors Must Try!

Weapons are the most important items in playing shooting games, including in Free Fire. All players will definitely aim for the strongest weapons so they can easily kill their opponents. However, the strongest Free Fire weapons are not only assessed in terms of damage, but from other statuses and completeness of attachments.

You also have to know whether the weapon is strong at close, medium, and far ranges. Here are the 5 strongest Free Fire weapons in the September 2020 version!

5. M14


The advantages of M14

The fifth strongest Free Fire weapon is M14. This weapon is a perfect combination of Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle. With 76 damage per shot, this weapon can be used automatically thanks to its high fire rate . The M14 has a far enough range that can still be increased with the use of an additional scope.

Weaknesses of M14

On the other hand, the M14’s biggest weakness lies in its bullet capacity. This weapon can only accommodate 15 bullets, which is too little for a full-auto type weapon . Even though you don’t actually need that many bullets to kill 1 opponent, you still need one spare weapon just in case your M14 runs out of bullets and has to reload.

M14 status
Damage: 76;
Rate of Fire: 43;
Range: 79;
Reload Speed: 41;
Magazine: 15;
Accuracy: 57;
Movement Speed: 62.

4. AWM


AWM advantages

The king of the Sniper Rifle, AWM is the fourth strongest Free Fire weapon on this list. Not only in Free Fire, AWM is also the strongest Sniper Rifle in other shooting games. AWM has unbeatable damage, range, and accuracy. AWM is the only Free Fire weapon that can kill a player with just 1-hit even if the player uses a level 3 helmet.

The only thing that prevents players from dying immediately from an AWM shot is a level 4 helmet. If a level 4 helmet user is shot AWM , the helmet will immediately be destroyed and leave only 1 HP.

Weaknesses of AWM

Although the reloading time of AWM is quite long, this is not a big problem because of its very high accuracy. You just need to make sure your shot hits the target. Unfortunately, this weapon is very rare and can only be obtained from drop crate.

Because AWM is a weapon that is targeted by all players, you have to be diligent in looking for drop crates and of course fighting over with other players.

AWM status
Damage: 90;
Rate of Fire: 27;
Range: 91;
Reload Speed: 34;
Magazine: 5;
Accuracy: 90;
Movement Speed: 65.

3. M1014


The advantages of the M1014

M1014 or what can be called M4 is the third strongest Free Fire weapon on this list. This OP shotgun can finish off your opponent with just 1 accurate shot. M1014 is the best weapon in close combat. In addition, this weapon is also not difficult to master.

Weaknesses of the M1014

No weakness is too significant from the M1014 weapon. Even though the M1014 has a fairly low rate of fire when compared to other weapons, this is enough to finish off your opponent in an instant. This weapon also cannot be attached with attachments, but even without attachments the M1014 is really OP!

M1014 status
Damage: 94;
Rate of Fire: 38;
Range: 10;
Reload Speed: 20;
Magazine: 6;
Accuracy: 10;
Movement Speed: 60.



The advantages of SCAR

Not only is it one of the strongest Free Fire weapons, SCAR is arguably the most popular weapon in Free Fire. SCAR can be found everywhere and has a high damage and rate of fire. You only need 6 SCAR shots on the enemy’s body to destroy level 3 armor. SCAR is also a weapon that is easy to master because it has low recoil.

Weakness of SCAR

SCAR has lower accuracy than other Assault Rifles. In addition, the low status range makes it less suitable for long-range combat.

SCAR status
Damage: 53;
Rate of Fire: 61;
Range: 60;
Reload Speed: 41;
Magazine: 30;
Accuracy: 42;
Movement Speed: 62.

1. Groza


Groza strengths

No wonder Groza is called the strongest Free Fire weapon. In other shooting games like PUBG and Rules of Survival, Groza is known as the strongest Assault Rifle. Groza has high damage and range making it suitable for use in any battle. With complete attachments, Groza is a very stable weapon and is able to finish off any opponent within a 300m radius.

Groza’s weaknesses

Just like AWM, Groza is a rare OP weapon obtained from drop crates and is the target of all players. You have to bet your life to get this weapon.

Groza status
Damage: 61;
Rate of Fire: 56;
Range: 75;
Reload Speed: 48;
Magazine: 30;
Accuracy: 54;
Movement Speed: 58.

Those are the 5 strongest Free Fire weapons in the September 2020 version. Make sure you master these five weapons so you can finish off your enemies easily!

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