How to Deal with a Mobile Legends (ML) Account Banned

Banned is a nightmare for all gamers, Mobile Legends is no exception. Usually this account is banned due to the use of cheats because it is the toughest violation in the game. Gamers who experience this are countless. But you do not worry, because this time we have a powerful way to overcome or unbanned your Mobile Legends account that is banned.

unbanned mobile legends account

Moonton as the ML game developer does not tolerate all the use of Mobile Legends cheats. Usually before you get banned you will get a warning because of the use of something illegal, can script or purchase items in the game in an illegal way. Well, if you experience a similar problem then you should read the article until it’s finished.

Why accounts are banned on Mobile Legends

Banned in Mobile Legends usually varies depending on the level of error committed. Starting from the mild only a matter of hours or days, to the heavy ones for up to one month. But not infrequently also those who are permanently banned, aka cannot be opened again forever. Also troublesome if it’s like this, especially in that account there are many of the best Mobile Legends heroes and the latest ML skins you have bought.

Cheats that Moonton usually detects in this case are usually hack maps, diamond hacks, use of scripts, use of third-party applications such as Lulubox ML or Game Guardian to strengthen characters and much more. Actually so as not to get banned like this you should avoid using cheats, but sometimes itchy hands also to try something unusual right.

How to Unbanned a Mobile Legends (ML) Account

How to unbanned a Mobile Legends (ML) account in 2020 is actually not too difficult, there are two tips that you can use to restore your banned account. Check out the steps below carefully.

1.Using ML Script for Unbanned

  1. First you have to download the unbanned script, AutoLog_System.unity3D here or use this link
  2. Henceforth, you should do it offline
  3. Extract the results of your download earlier and move it into the script folder in your Mobile Legends data.
  4. Restart your internet connection and open your Mobile Legends game
  5. Now your account can be used again

2.Through the Settings on the Smartphone

If the first method by using the script can not be used, you can use the second method by setting. The trick is not difficult and has been practiced on Vivo mobile phones. For other cellphones there may be differences in the steps but the method remains the same.

  1. Go to the Settings menu > Other Settings > Application Manager > Mobile Legends > Storage > Then tap the ” Delete data ” button
  2. Search Google Play Services then delete the data.
  3. When finished you can login using your second account or create a new account

3.Contact Moonton Customer Service

  1. Contact Customer Services by tapping on the customer services logo at home. After that choose another problem
  2. If you are having difficulty with this step you can send an email using your email and send it to with the subject ” Please Unban My Account “
  3. Fill in the requested data with your banned Mobile Legends account. Don’t forget to fill in the problems you are experiencing
  4. Your Game ID : Fill in your account ID
  5. Your Server : Fill in your server
  6. Your Problems : Fill in the problems you are experiencing. For example you can type this. Dear Moonton, my account cannot be opened for several days. I have deleted third-party applications and I promise not to use cheating anymore. I apologize and please return my account. Thanks.
  7. Upload a screenshot of your account that has been banned and Submit.
  8. Wait a few days until you get a reply email from Moonton.
  9. After your account is unbanned, you can log in again using your old banned account.
  10. Good luck!

Tips to avoid being banned when cheating

Actually there are tips if you really use a cheat in the form of scripts or other tricks. These tips can you use to avoid things that are not desirable during the game.

  1. Don’t be too frontal when using a cheat, in the sense that if you use a cheat script don’t be too visible. For example Map Hack or Cheat makes the enemy lag in Mobile Legends . This aims to make the enemy not suspicious and to teleport your account.
  2. Always delete the script when the loading bar is at 80%, or you can also delete your battle record as soon as possible after the game is finished. This is intended to reduce the risk of you being detected by Moonton.
  3. Always use an alternative account when you use cheats, this is so that your main account is always safe from things that are not desirable.

How? pretty easy isn’t it, how to deal with your Mobile Legends (ML) account being banned. Always remember our messages, use your alternative account when using cheats. Good luck Noobs!


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