How to Get 10,000 Gems in Clash of Clans Quickly

This article is pretty much is going to be about the tips and tricks how to get maximum gems in clash of clans you can or generally people kind of like. The other day up to at least 10,000 gems. So I’m today I’m going to show you only things that will give you the gems, other than spending your own money on it.

got to get 10000 gems

The way first I’m going to talk about is build a base because the very thing that build a base does anything other than just I don’t know, what’s this battle or know that it’s pretty much not that useful. Because you can do those kind of like attacking all this stuff you can do that main village.

There’s no point in using this village another popular. So upgrade your gem mine as high as you can, makes your pillar Hall to build Hall 8 and makes a gem mine and get the champs. These are the free gems right now my gem which my gem mine gives me 3.1 gem per day.

It’s like Titan 1 gems in every 10 day so keeping your gems in every couple of days and these are just little gems they might just look like that there’s three gems at a doesn’t sounds that much. But they’re pretty much a lot gems when they you keep getting them on a long-term and other way of getting the gems is very very common among people.

People like removing the bush and the trees the removing these trees gives you jams sometimes six, sometimes five, sometimes four, three, two, one. At max we can get six gems I found one gem, three gems, four gems and nothing. Sometimes you get nothing.

So good to see if I can find a sixth gem in any bush if I can give me six gems what you gillum’s five jams exams as I am nothing you give us examples you give us exams anyone give us six champs me come before me so many bitches.

So you remove these bushes okay, you remove these bushes and you get these days their tails six jams and four more jams, cool, five more jams and that way you can gather a lot amount of jams. This is probably the fastest way of getting these jams and usually every once in a while.

If you keep your account to inactive for very long time like if you log in in a cup three or four days you find a gem box, it will pop up very fast it’s random, completely random. You can pop two gem box in a day that happens to and it can happen like a gem box will pop them like I don’t know 10 or 15 days.

It can take at that as much as 15 days, this is as much as I have noticed. So I’m currently on 9800 gems and three more nine thousand eight and 28 gems. So you know, you can get from the Builder base you can get from the removing the obstacles and the trees and the bushes.

You won’t get an engine but removing these special obstacles and you shouldn’t remove them because they’re pretty rare they won’t come back again. They’re never the same every year any festival Halloween or Christmas comes, so they will never be same.

So you got to keep them and the other way of getting the gems is achievement. If you go higher in the league crystal master you get 250 jams thousand gems and if you complete these achievements like win 5,000 pedals this or 500 mores steal dark elixir and the big ones like make the thousand war stars you can achieve them.

They will probably take a lot of time and a lot of time consuming is every player do. So these are the trip and tricks that you can use the builder base and remove those cycles and the Czech gem box every once in a while, to get the jams quickly and without doing anything.

And the other way of getting the gems is by the clean games. Now a lot of people don’t really use that but you can use these gems that comes with the bill debate on these claim games and you can use these gems okay.

So you can get these but there’s other things like these portions and the books and the were they called wall rains removing them will give you five gems and 15 will removing will give me 65 gems. So if I keep going like this, I am going to go and achieve my 10,000 gems so pretty much.

Everything that is available to you in decline games you can use it to get the tent housing chips. Now there’s also another way of getting gems which is really real cheesy. It sounds tricky but you earn your points, you get you gems.

There’s nothing better with it but these are the way of getting the gems which is pretty cheeky and yeah supercell a town hall 8 apparently I cannot access it only a tunnel 8 the tritter arrives and every once in a while especially that countdown bit inactive, don’t you?

Don’t log in a very often, the trader gives you free boost. Now you can sell that boost for 10 gems so you can get 10 gems like this every couple of days. So pretty much if you make an average of it. You can make like, I don’t know 20 gems a day that’s the rate I calculated because in 6 months I have collect like 9,000 gems makes no sense how I made it.

But the 10,000 gems are in my hand 50 more is ten thousand and fifty three jabs is what I have right now. And I gathered these gems in six months so that’s not the wrap of this video. It was a tips and tricks about how to get the maximum amount of gems including everything that you can do without spending a single money.

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