How to Get Free Gems in Clash Of Clans 2017

Let me guess, you are definitely looking for ways to get clash of clans free gems, right? I know, because I also played Clash of Clans game. Gems is indeed a very important role in this game. Speed rural development depends on how many gems you have. You definitely jealous of your friends who has COC account have reached a high level. Each attack definitely get a win. Or maybe you jealous of your friends who are very strong defense of his village.

clash of clans free gems

It is reasonable.

You are new to this game, gems you have still a little bit.

So it is very difficult to compete with your friend accounts  who are already at a high level.

for that reason, having many gems will help you accelerate development your Clash of Clans  and may be able to pursue COC belong to your friends.

But …

The problem is … to get so many gems are not free.

You have to spend money to buy the gems. But do not worry, there is really a way to get clash of clans free gems.

It’s a safe way, not hack or cheat Clash of Clans account.

Hack or cheat gems will be harmful your COC account. Because it is possible your account will be deleted by the developers of this COC game if you get caught cheating.

In this article, you will learn some ways to get clash of clans free gems safe not hack or cheat. And all of them have been proven successful. Follow all of the following way:

How to Get Clash Of Clans Free Gems by Cleaning Obstacle

This is the easiest way to get free gems clash of clans.

Obstacle is the objects that appear in your village as Trunk, Tree, Mushroom, Stone and Gems Box.

Well, you just clean up the objects to get clash of clans free gems.

The trick …

Click on any one of these obstacles, there will be a selection of “remove”.

Well, you just select remove.

But to remove the obstacle requires some gold or elixir you have. So you have to collect gold or elixir beforehand to remove the obstacle.

If you are lucky, then you will get free gems from this activity.

Especially for Gems Box is definitely filled gem in it.

If you remove Gem Box, you will get more than 25 free gems.

But unfortunately, gems this box does not always appear. Once remove, it may take one week to appear again.

Well, try to follow some of these tricks in order Gems Box quickly reappear in your village.

When Gems box appears, immediately download the free gems. Do not wait for later or tomorrow, if seen gems box just download it.
Create a defense as bad as possible if you want to get clash of clans free gems from gems box, because the more your village destroyed when attacking the enemy, the faster gems box appears.
When attacking another village, try to win 100 percent. Attacking a minimum of 5 to 10 villages within 48 hours. Remember, winning 100 percent and got 3 stars.

Tips in order gems box quick appears above you can try if you want to get free gems from gems box.

But if you still care with gold or elixir you collect, better try a way to get free gems next.

How to Get Clash Of Clans Free Gems with Trophy

I think this way long enough to generate free gems.

Why? Because you have to collect the trophies are enough to get free gems.

But this way you can get hundreds or even thousands of free gems.

A quick way to get free gems with the trophy:

You have to attack another village to steal the trophy already collected by another player.

If you win, you’ll get dozens trophy. But if you lose, you are precisely trophy will be taken by your village attacked earlier.

So try attacking villages that its defense was weak and do not get lost when attacking other villages that can be quickly collected the trophy.

This is the category number of trophies that you need to gather to get free gems.
1250 Trophy can be 450 Gems free
2000 Trophy can be 250 Gems free
2600 Trophy may get 1000 Gems free
3200 Trophy may get 2000 Gems free

Good enough right, Getting thousands of gems for free just by collecting the trophy.

How to Get Clash Of Clans Free Gems from Achievements

Well the way that is quite easy. You just told to complete the mission there to get free gems.

The mission that is given is also called achievement.

There are a lot of achievement that you can pursue to obtain gems for free.

For example, you should complete Achievement is Gold Storage upgrade to level 10, then after the upgrade you will get 10 free Gems of the achievement.

That’s just one example of achievement only.

There are many more achievement that you can accomplish in Clash of Clans game.

This is some achievement that exist:

  • Win 10 stars on the Campaign Map can get 10 free gems.
  • Upgrade Town Hall to level 8 get 20 free gems.
  • Cleaning 500 obstacles get 20 free gems.
  • 100,000,000 collect gold get 20 free gems
  • Collect a total of 1250 trophy (trophy) in Multiplayer battles can get 450 free gems
  • And many existing achievement.

There are total 66 achievements in Clash of Clans. So you can get a lot of gems from completing this achievement. Total gems prize on achievements may change at any time depending on the policies of the developer of this game.

How to Get Clash Of Clans Free Gems From WHAFF Rewards

Buying Gems indeed require no small amount of money, but you can get money for free just by downloading an application.

Which Application?

WHAFF, moneymaker in android application.

you only need to install the application and complete the mission given to earn money for free.

Well, eventually the money can be used to buy thousands of gems for free.

Many have asked me if this app could actually make money for free?

Why did they give us free money?

It’s the answer …

WHAFF is an advertising application. The Advertisers are willing to pay you because it is already downloading and using their applications.

So the advertisers profit, you were also lucky because they get free money from downloading an application at WHAFF.

This is the fastest way to get clash of clans free gems.

Well, eventually the dollars we get from WHAFF application can be used to buy thousands of free gems at Clash of Clans.

If you are interested in how to get clash of clans free gems with WHAFF application, follow the following way:

Download application whaff in PlayStore or here, then install and open the app. Once the application is open click the “Sign In” on the right top, then you have to log-in using your facebook account you have.

After log-in, then you are asked to enter a “code”. Now, enter this code
to earn bonus dollars worth 0.3 dollars.

Enter the verification text in the first box and input the code
in the second box. Do not enter the wrong code verification text or invitation. because you will not get a bonus of $ 0.3 dollars if either enter text and invitation code. If the text is less clear, you can refresh the text. Later will come the new text is clearer.
Remember, the process of entering the code will only appear one time only, so take advantage of the best possible bonus of $0.3 in order not to scorch.
If you are using android lollipop version 5.1.1 warning will appear:

Just Click “OK” and allow access application usage WHAFF to start using WHAFF.
Done, you just add to the coffers of dollars of WHAFF that will be used to buy gems for free.

Ya I love a quick way to get free gems from WHAFF;

Once you get $0.3 by entering that code, you just add it to download games or applications that exist in the WHAFF.

But … in the WHAFF application there are certain picks that you can use to get dollars quickly.

The picks are:
Premium picks
WHAFF picks
Well just download all the applications from that picks in order to collected quick dollar.

Especially applications in premium picks because we would get a reward dollars three times more.

How did it happen?

This is the explanation:
You will get a dollar after downloading an application in premium picks. You will also get a dollar every day if running apps already downloaded it. And the third dollar rewards come when you retain your android applications, not deleted until a specified period.

Fun, right?

Even just rewards can check the presence of any free dollars from WHAFF.

Wow, very special.

Certainly the dollar will quickly accumulate a lot and you will also quickly get free gems from this application.

Once you get enough money / dollar from the application of this Rewards WHAFF, it’s time to exchange money before the COC gems.

Price gems varies depending on the number of gems that would be purchased.

How to redeem dollars from WHAFF with free gems

If the balance you have in WHAFF already $10, then you can purchases free COC gems that is by pulling it to Google Play Gift Card.

Follow the following way:

Open and run WHAFF, click the menu at the top right and select “payment”.

Next, select the “Google Play Gift Card” To redeem a code of dollars with Google Play.

The WHAFF exchange balance

Select the balance that you want to change and click on the “request”.

Then, wait approximately 1 to 3 days, to get a reply in the form Redeem Code. You can look at the Reward History → Check Gift Codes.

If it is able to redeem the code, the code to redeem Put PlayStore.

The trick …

Log in to google play.
Click Menu, and select exchange.
After that, enter the Redeem Code is the earlier you get.

If successful, there will be a notification like this.

Well, it means it is time doing Purchasing Gems on the COC.

The trick …

Run Clash of Clans Game
Login to Shop, and select the gems that you want to buy, make sure the price you want to buy gems fitted with a google play gift card balance.

Done. Now you already have a lot of gems without spending any money at all.

Time to catch up Clash of Clans accounts belonging to your friends with free gems that you have got earlier.

How to get free gems in Clash Of Clans with WHAFF was highly favored by the players of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

As information, WHAFF not only can be used to get free gems but also can be used to Getting money from the internet.


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