How to Get Your 4th Builder for FREE in Clash of Clans

Today I’m going to show you how to get your fourth builder for free as a townhall 5. It’s so cheap even a hobo can do it. as you guys know it costs 1000 gems to get your fourth builder, and I’ve saved up 390 gems from trees and bushes.

4th builder

And it would take me a long-ass time to get 1000 gems from killing the environment and cutting down my trees and bushes. so we’re going to do it the eco-friendly way and the reward for pushing up to masters league is 1000 gems. so that’s what we are going to do today.

Make sure you stick to the end because there’s going to be a mini fail Tosh. but anyways I was thinking how could we push the Masters lead quickly and make this as painless as possible. because I don’t want to draw this out for weeks. that just one my fourth pillar you know I’m saying.

so I thought that it would be very inefficient to do full-out raids like this one because then you have to wait for your troops and it takes a really long time. So in order to save time we’re not going to wait for troops we’re just going to go out and attack again.

There is a town hall outside and we’re going to eventually have two townhall snipe so might as well start now. I mean did you actually expect for me to be able to be townhall 9s and townhall 10s with 135 level 3 troops, I don’t think so. that would be pretty funny to watch though, wouldn’t it.

Anyways all you got to do is just make sure you refill your barracks and then you’re going to go out and look for another Town Hall on the outside. all right so one thing you got to be careful for our traps. because you can’t see them and people like to be dicks and put them by their Town Hall.

Always make sure to check for traps and also you got to watch out for Heroes clan castle troops and splash towers in range of the Town Hall as well. I definitely all for a lot of traps in my push to master’s league and those will be in the fail Taj at the end.

Like I was saying watch out for Splash towers that are in range of the townhall. this guy try to pull a fast one but I ain’t falling for your. alright so the first milestone is 1250 trophies and you get a 450 jammer award. the next milestone is 2,000 trophies and the crystal league.

It looks like we’ve also gotten a few more achievements I’ve destroyed 100 town halls and have received 10 gems and it looks like we’ve reached 1000 gems prematurely, fail. I totally forgot about the other achievements. so there you go guys that’s how you get the forth builder.

In conclusion it was very simple in the silver league.I spent a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes and searching took less than a minute to find a town hall outside and then in the gold League I spent 4 hours.I suffered a few losses including defense when going from day 1 to day 2.

But for the most part it was very quick and easy to get to the Crystal League. and if you’re trying to get your fourth builder. I definitely recommend it but anyways I wanted to see how far you could make it by Town Hall sniping and I made it all the way up to 2000 369 trophies.

Once you get it a crystal to League it sucks takes forever to find a town hall outside and I definitely don’t recommend channel sniping to master.

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