How to Improve Accuracy of Auto Aim Sense Shot in Free Fire

As one of the best online games, the Free Fire player community always has up-to-date tips, one of which is how to improve your shooting aim so that shooting accuracy when playing FF games gets better. By using this trick you can shoot enemy headshots very easily, as is usually done by pro players.

If you have ever known auto aim which is one of the Free Fire cheats, then by using this trick you can feel the same thing! For those of you who often experience shooting accuracy problems, you can use this method to increase your shooting aim in the Free Fire (FF) game so that you always get Booyah easily.

Adjust Game Sensitivity

Each player often has their own sensitivity settings that determine the game. But it is not uncommon for those who do not understand how to manage this sensitivity, which is actually trivial but plays an important role when in the middle of a game.

If you are currently still using the game’s built-in sensitivity, it is quite understandable that the accuracy of your aim at shooting during the Free Fire game is still poor. This time, you can save time looking for a good sensitivity setting by using the settings we usually use.

Use Precise on Scope Settings

Use Precise on Scope Settings

By using the Precise on Scope setting you can target a headshot from close, medium or far. This Precise on Scope setting, which is widely used by professional gamers, will make it easier to move your shots using a scope.

Although it is very effective when using AWM, which is one of Free Fire’s sickest weapons , you can also use it well in any type of FF rifle when you have mastered this trick perfectly.

To further improve accuracy, you can use the character Laura which will make your shot accuracy even better at using the best types of Free Fire weapons , especially the Sniper Rifle for long distances. When using Laura and a combination of these tricks, don’t be surprised if your KD ratio will increase even more.

Get plenty of exercise

Get plenty of exercise

Even though you already have a very good sense of auto aim accuracy, but if you are still a noob in playing it is still useless. The headshot is a very deadly attack in Free Fire, but doing so is very difficult.

You have to practice a lot to get it. For starters, you can start this lesson at the Training Ground. Remember, the more you practice the better you will be at doing headshots.

You can use AWM for ranged attacks and M1014 or SPAS12 for melee attacks. Avoid using the M1873 because you can’t add any attachments and the distance to use is very close. For medium range you can use Groza or SCAR to produce enormous damage.

Play in Classic Mode

Play in Classic Mode

Remember! Even though you have started to become adept at using this trick of improving aim at the Training Ground, it is still highly recommended that you immediately play in the Free Fire Ranked Mode.

Because in Ranked Mode you often meet players with better skills, especially not a few pro players who have smurf accounts so you will remain a noob.

Play more first in Classic Mode, because here you will meet players with average skills so you can get better at playing using this trick faster. After you get a lot of kills and bounce in Classic Mode, then you can enter and play in Ranked Mode to try out this new skill.

So, it’s quite easy, aren’t there tips and tricks on how to improve your shooting aim in this Free Fire game? If you master this trick you can shoot like a pro player very easily. Now it’s time for you to reach the highest level and learn how to quickly rank up to the master level by learning the best looting spots.

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