How to Overcome Detected Illegal Program Point Blank Zepetto

Point Blank once claimed its golden age as one of the most popular online games and has a very high number of active players. But now this game is trying to re-fortune with Zepetto to get back to the highest place in the best online game row.

Just like other games, Point Blank also has problems dealing with cheaters and using illegal programs on PB Zepetto. Zepetto instead of staying silent, they then released Cheat Blocker (CB) from Cryptect to hunt down the perpetrators of cheating using cheats.

If you are currently playing and experiencing problems because it was detected using an illegal program from Cheat Blocker in the Point Blank Zepetto game, the following we provide a powerful way to overcome this problem.

Eliminating PB Zepetto Illegal Program

If you get the message ” You were removed from the game for using an illegal program ” then that means your PB Zepetto game was detected using an illegal program. Cheat blockers (CB) have a very high effectiveness in detecting the perpetrators of fraud.

One example is the ability to use a headshot that is very easy and can see through walls. Using a Point Blank Zepetto cheat like this will get you banned and unable to play again.

The only way to overcome this is to delete all of your illegal PB Zepetto programs. Because the use of cheat will make you detected by Cheat Blocker (CB) and you will immediately be removed from the game server.

Currently there are not a few illegal programs that have not been detected by Cheat Blocker, but this feature will always be updated so that players can play clean and safe without being interrupted by cheaters.

Detected Using CB Illegal Program

Not using a cheat but detected using an illegal program, is this possible? Actually this is very possible, because in reality not a few players who experience this problem. Cheat Blocker sometimes detects and removes players who actually do not use illegal programs when playing PB Zepetto.

But you don’t need to worry, because if you experience something like this your Zepetto Point Blank char will not be banned because this is just a technical error. But still this situation is very disturbing, well, here are some causes and ways to overcome them:

VGA Not Compatible

This is a trivial problem but quite disturbing to the game, this sometimes happens when the VGA used by the players is not detected by Point Blank. The reason could be because the driver has not been updated for a long time or the VGA used is not included in the game’s white list. The fix is ​​quite easy, you just have to update your VGA driver to the latest version.

If by updating the problem still occurs, you can just disable the VGA you are using. You do this by changing the Graphic Processor used in the Point Blank game from VGA (Example NVIDIA) to Intergrated Graphics. If you are confused about how to do it, you can see in the video above.

Corrupt / Error File

Not infrequently the file is corrupt due to several things, it could be due to a virus or junk file stack. To overcome this problem you can clean this junk file by using CC Cleaner or other similar program. You can also add by cleaning your PC from viruses that interfere. After that you just go back into the game. Simple and easy right?

Now that was the cause and how to overcome the problem detected using illegal programs in the Zepetto Point Blank (PB) game that often annoys the players. If you are still often using cheats and have not been detected by Cheat Blockers, please do not get back to the right path before your account gets banned.

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