How to Restore Hacked, Banned & Lost Free Fire Accounts

Your Free Fire (FF) account was hacked, got banned or lost? Relax, don’t panic. We have a way to return your FF account. Who is not confused if you suddenly can’t log into your Free Fire (FF) account. Even though you have entered your username and password correctly. The number of users who cannot log into their accounts is not without reason.

What often happens, login failures that are often experienced by these players are because their accounts have been banned or suspended, hacked or even lost. The causes also vary, ironically many players do not know how to solve this problem.

Then, how about you? Do you know how to restore a Free Fire (FF) account that was hacked, banned or lost? If not, please watch and learn how to restore your Free Fire (FF) account through the discussion of the article below.

How to Restore a Hacked Free Fire Account

Restore a Hacked Free Fire Account

The first thing you usually feel when your Free Fire (FF) account is hacked is that you have trouble logging into your account, even though you have entered your username and password correctly. Whenever you find something like this, here’s how to return it!

  • Visit the Garena website here
  • Look for the “My Account” menu then click “Forgot Password”.
  • There will be 2 options that you can choose, namely restoring your account via username or email and via your cellphone number.
  • Make sure the email or cellphone number that you registered when creating your Free Fire account is still active.
  • A verification code will be sent to your email or cellphone number according to the option you chose in the previous step.
  • Next, follow every step listed on your cellphone screen and make sure you enter your personal data correctly.
  • Then create a new password.
  • Login to your account with the new password.
  • Done, your Free Fire (FF) account can be used again.

How to Restore a Banned Free Fire Account

Restore a Banned Free Fire Account

There are many reasons why your account is banned by Garena, generally bans are given to players regarding the use of cheats or third applications. If any of you have experienced this, then there’s no need to worry. Because there are still ways to reactivate your account. Continue reading and follow these steps.

  • Open your cellphone or computer. Make sure you still keep the Free Fire folder called “com.garena.mdsk”.
  • After making sure the folder is still there, download two applications that will help you restore your account, namely IMEI Changer and Magisk Manager.
  • After downloading and installing, open the Magisk Manager application and press the “Install Module Xposed” and “Framework SDK 27” buttons.
  • Then restart and reboot.
  • When finished, in the “obb” folder, all you have to do is add one letter which aims to get the original folder name.
  • Clean all Free Fire cache then delete this game from your cellphone.
  • Go back to “Module Xposed” and use “IMEI Changer”. Change the IMEI number of your cellphone suspended by Garena.
  • After you have a new IMEI number, reboot your cellphone.
  • Change the name of the “obb” folder that you changed earlier by deleting the letters you added earlier.
  • Download and reinstall Free Fire (FF).

How to Restore a Lost Guest Free Fire Account

Restore a Lost Guest Free Fire Account

The way to restore the Free Fire Guest account is very easy as long as the cellphone you are using to install is still there. Here are the easy steps!

  • Go to the “File Manager” on your cellphone.
  • Search for “Local Files” then Click.
  • Next look for the words “com.garena.mdsk”.
  • Select the guest login record in this folder. To find it, look for the words “guestxxxx.dat”.
  • Copy the file in another folder so it’s safe.
  • Done, you can log back into your Guest Free Fire account.

That’s how to restore your Free Fire (FF) account that was hacked, banned or lost. Stay tuned for updated information about games, gadgets and anime only at So that you don’t miss the news, you can follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Don’t forget to leave your comments!


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