How to Use Cheat to be a Continuing Impostor in Among Us, Auto Win!

Being an impostor in the Among Us Game is fun. You not only have to kill crewmates, but you can also sabotage the game. That is what makes many players want to continue to be impostor in Among Us. And one way is to use a cheat to be Continuing Impostor in among Us.

tips as Continuing Impostor

Apart from impostors, Among Us has another role, namely crewmates who are tasked with completing tasks. These crewmates will later become the impostor’s game to be killed. If you want to play the role of impostor continuously, you can use a cheat to be an impostor, which we will review below.

What is impostor continues cheat

Basically, what determines whether a player becomes crewmates or impostors is the system of Among Us itself. Innersloth as the developer of Among Us did not provide an option whether the player wanted to become crewmates or impostors.

You cannot force it to be impostor or crewmates continuously. The roles will be randomly divided and no one knows the other players’ roles. Unless you become an impostor. If you get the impostor role, later you will be able to see who is your fellow impostor and who is your crewmate.

And that of course cannot be separated from your duty to kill your crewmates. That’s why you are given the advantage of being able to tell the difference. Being an impostor is often the target of many players. Apart from having the advantage of being able to enter and exit the vents freely, you can also sabotage the game.

that’s why the role of impostor is often a favorite of the players. Recently, a cheat appeared that could make players continue to be importers among Us. With this cheat , you can choose the option to play the role of impostor until you are satisfied.

How to Use the Cheat to Continue as Impostor

Because this is a cheat, of course it doesn’t come from Innersloth officially. This impostor cheat is an Among Us application which has been modified in such a way.

If you want to get cheats to be an impostor, you can’t download them on the Google Play Store or App Store. Because generally those on the Google Play Store and App Store are applications that come from official developers.

  • You can get the mod cheat so you can get this continuously on certain sites. You just have to search for it in the browser and write down the keywords. After that, open one of the sites of your choice. Many sites provide mod applications in the browser. You just have to choose the one that you are interested in. Or you can click the download button here .
  • After opening it, then, you just have to download and wait for the process to complete.
  • After the download is complete, you install it as usual. However, because the mod application doesn’t come from an official developer, sometimes a warning will appear on the installation permission. If you find it, you can check in the device settings first.
  • Press the settings button and look for the security section. In it, there is usually a choice of unknown sources.
  • Make that option to turn on so that the mod application can be installed.
  • After that, go back and look for the Among Us cheat application file so the impostor earlier. Install again and wait for it to finish. After that you can play it as usual.
  • Because the Among Us you are playing is a mod application, there will be additional options in it. If you want to continue to be an impostor, you can activate this option. If you have activated this option, all you have to do is find a room to play as usual.
  • After entering, later in the game you will definitely become an impostor. Meanwhile, the system from Among Us will determine it randomly.

Is Cheat to be Impostor Safe?

In general, modified applications that are usually used for cheats are illegal. Including a cheat to be an impostor in Among Us. Because it doesn’t come from an official developer, the cheat becomes an impostor and can be considered a violation.

Not a few players who were proven to use cheats ended up being banned by the official developer. Apart from cheating, using cheats in a game will also destroy the fun of playing the game. How not, many players cannot get the impostor role because it has been taken over by players who use cheats.

Indeed, being crewmates is no less exciting than being an impostor, but if it is done continuously, it certainly results in less game excitement. Not only does it spoil the fun of playing games, the Among Us mod application being an impostor can also damage data security.

Because this is an irresponsible modification application for someone, not a few are using it to make it a hacking tool. Many mod applications can suck and take the security of personal data.

The viruses that are spread in it sometimes cause the device used to download applications to be automatically infected with malware. As a result, internet quota and device storage are reduced.

This mod cheat to be an impostor can also use your personal data for things that are not right. Like tracking or something else. It is quite prone to data security when using the Mod application.

Are you interested in becoming an impostor in Among Us? If so, you can use a cheat so the impostor continues to your heart’s content. But you must be prepared for all the risks involved.

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