Improve Performance, Fortnite Update Turns Off Video Capture Feature

Epic Games are seen taking extreme steps to improve the performance and stability of the Fortnite game on the Nintendo Switch. The most recent update has disabled the video capture feature.

Fortnite Update

Reporting from the Nintendolife page, Wednesday (12/09/2018), the ability to record 30 seconds is an important part of this game because it does not offer support for full playback. When gamers lose playing, the game usually has a replay of the event.

However, Fortnite does not exist, so Epic Games adds a video capture feature. Fortnite community coordinator Sean Hamilton confirmed the video capture option had been fixed due to ongoing performance problems.

“You may have noticed that we have disabled the video capture feature on the Nintendo Switch on client updates v5.40.2. This is done for performance and stability reasons because you see a high level of memory-related damage.

Disabling this feature saves a large amount of RAM while also having a positive effect on overall performance on the performance of this game, “said Sean Hamilton.

He said the studio could revive this feature on the Switch and make it an optional addition in the future for players who are willing to tolerate performance degradation.


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