Is This the PlayStation 5 “Controller” Form?

Sony has confirmed that its next-gen game console, PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), will launch in the 2020 holiday season. The shape of the console is still unknown, including the controller. However, lately, illustrations in a patent document uploaded by the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) on its website reveal the physical design of the game console controller which is likely to belong to PS5.

PS5 Render

The patent filed by Sony looks like a device with an overall design similar to the previous PS4 controller. In the middle there is still a touch screen, following the speaker hole and a pair of joysticks. But it doesn’t seem like there are indicator lights like those on the PS4 controller.

It was also mentioned that the controller for the PS5 already uses a USB type C connector, from the previous microUSB on the previous device.

Another difference from the PS4 controller, at the bottom of the new game controller device are two 3.5mm audio jack holes separated by some sort of barrier. Its function is still unclear, but Sony did say that the PS5 controller will present new features.

For example, as summarized from BusinessInsider, Tuesday (11/19/2019), the PS5 controller is allegedly going to have a battery that is more durable than PS4.

The device will also be equipped with “haptic feedback” which is claimed to be able to provide more diverse effects than the previous force feedback technology. For example, users will feel a different sensation of vibration when playing a racing car game on contoured roads and when dribbling on the field in a soccer game.

In addition, the L2 and R2 buttons on the PS5 controller also share a new feature called “adaptive trigger” that can provide different levels of resistance, for example between when a player pulls a bow in a sports game or gasses a vehicle in a racing game.

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