Know 5 Reasons to Play Horizon Zero Dawn PC Version

Horizon Zero Dawn is the best open-world game that PC users can play today. This game made by Guerilla Games comes with graphics and gameplay that really promise the hearts of gamers who are not captivated. Moreover, Steam and the Epic Games Store are selling Horizon Zero Dawn at a very tempting price. As a result, many gamers pre-order before the release time.

Maybe some PC gamers are still not sure about the Horizon Zero Dawn game, this time we will share five reasons why you should own this game. Come on! Listen together below.

1. Action RPG with Best Graphics

Action RPG with Best Graphics

The development of Horizon Zero Dawn itself was carried out by Guerilla Games with all the strengths of the DECIMA engine. When it first appeared, the quality of the graphics displayed was indeed very promising, until finally Sony and Guerilla also shared gameplay footage and the results remained intriguing.

You will feel how one of the action RPG games with the quality of facial animation is very detailed and has never been in any RPG action.

2. Very Amazing Audio

Very Amazing Audio

In Horizon Zero Dawn, gamers will be spoiled by an amazing sound, where from the effects, soundtracks , and other sounds are very well heard. Moreover, the songs that accompany gamers when playing will follow the atmosphere.

3. Masterpiece from Guerilla Games for PlayStation 4

Masterpiece from Guerilla Games

As an exclusive PlayStation 4 game, of course the supervision of the game development is very serious. The budget disbursed to make this AAA game is countless, seeing the quality shown at several big events such as E3 or TGS.

The desire to pamper gamers from any segment is also contained in the Horizon Zero Dawn game, so that the game can be played by anyone without any segmentation restrictions. Both parents and children can play the Horizon Zero Dawn game, especially in this game there are also many moral messages that can be learned.

4. PS4 Exclusive Games Coming to PC

PS4 Exclusive Games Coming to PC

The advantage of PlayStation 4 console users is that there are many exclusive titles that have been prepared by Sony, it is seen that since the release of the PS4 console in 2013, it has not made its sales decrease until now. This is of course driven by some very promising exclusive game titles. Starting from Bloodborne, Uncharted, Driveclub, God of War, The Last Guardian and many others.

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the mainstays of the PS4 console games. The presence of this exclusive game is certainly the answer for PC gamers to experience what this exclusive game for Sony’s console is like.

5. Game with the Best Review Score

Game with the Best Review Score

When it was released on PS4, several major gaming media have given fairly high review scores. As a result, this game is very hype by PS4 users. At that time, PC gamers could only see from a distance and hope that when it will be released on their platform one day the quality of graphics, gameplay , and the plots of many game media admit that Horizon Zero Dawn is a game.

So, those are some reasons before buying and playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Hopefully this can be your consideration.

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