Know Deeper Archer Queen, CoC Hero Most Effective In Striking

Each CoC hero has their respective roles according to the abilities they have. Previously I discussed about Barbarian King, the figure of CoC Hero of TH 7 who has a role as a tanker. Barbarian King is very useful to help your other soldiers in attacking an enemy base for either raid or in war though. But did you know that there is another CoC Hero is more optimal in doing war? That is Archer Queen? Unlike the more powerful Barbarian King in defense, the Archer Queen is very agile and has deadly attacks. Let’s get closer to this Archer Queen.

Introduction to Archer Queen

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is a Hero capable of attacking from a distance. He is able to strike at a distance of 5 tile range, farther than the usual Archer. As the name implies, he uses a crossbow to attack enemy buildings. In addition to having a distant attack distance, Archer Queen is also able to provide high damage. It made him one of the main weapons in eliminating the enemy Town Hall.

The Archer Queen can begin to be used when you reach TH 9. There will be a new building called Archer Queen Altar, you can build 40,000 Dark Elixir. Just like Barbarian King Altar, any increase in Altar level will increase Hero level. You need more Dark Elixir to increase the Archer Queen level.

royal cloak damage

Starting level 5, the Archer Queen will get the capability of “Royal Cloak.” Treating a few cuts, becoming invisible for a few seconds, and increasing the damage it generates. When activating this ability, Archer Queen also summoned some Archers who will help him in the fight. This capability also has a level, which increases every multiple of five from the Hero level.

The role of Archer Queen

Unlike the other CoC Hero, Archer Queen has several important roles that help you in leveling the headquarters of your opponents. Here are some of Archer Queen’s roles when fighting on the battlefield

1. Funneling


The task that the Archer Queen is capable of is to do funneling or make a safe path for your main soldier. Because Archer Queen has a long enough attack distance, he is easily able to beat up the first-tier defense building. Some buildings such as Wizard Tower, Cannon, and Archer Tower become the main food of this one Hero. Once safe, you can use Wallbreaker to create a hole.

One of the best ways of funneling is using the Queen Walk strategy. Previously I also have given way, namely by utilizing Healer. Unfortunately to do the Queen Walk strategy, you need a high Hero level to be able to run optimally.

2. Kill your opponent’s Hero

kill opponent

Archer Queen is capable of killing the opposing Hero well. This is because Archer Queen has a range attack and the resulting damage is also high. With a suitable tanker or using the Queen Walk strategy, enemy Hero can be easily defeated without having to endanger himself. The ability of Royal Cloak can also be used if the Archer Queen in a state of urgency, for example when attacked both defense buildings and enemy Hero.

3. Help kill all Clan Castle warriors

help coc soldier

The enemy Clan Castle warrior may be a scourge for the safety of your other warriors. That’s why Archer Queen emerged as a helper! Hero enemies can be bulldoze easily, let alone Clan Castle soldiers. Simply by luring them out, the Archer Queen can finish them off easily.

4. Supports soldiers of other ranges

Supports soldiers

If the level of Archer Queen you have is still low, it can still be very useful in your attack. He can join the other range of soldiers behind tankers like Golem or Giant. With considerable distance and damage, the Archer Queen easily attacks nearby buildings. Especially when using the ability of Royal Cloak, making it easier to finish off buildings that endanger other soldiers. Read also: Barbarian King Overview


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