Latest Android GTA San Andreas cheat has been found!

Fans and modifiers of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, or what we commonly call GTA SA Lite, recently discovered that in the Android mobile version there are a number of new cheat codes that are not documented in the GTA SA PC & PS2 cheat collection as they are we usually already know.

GTA San Andreas cheat

Gaming YouTuber Vadim M, who is popular with GTA games on his channel, has teamed up with a group of special GTA fans to showcase some hidden GTA San Andreas cheats that they found buried in the mobile version. Come on, let’s just see what the latest GTA SA cheat version of this android is.

The mobile version of the PPSSPP GTA SA game was made by War Drum Studios and apparently during the development of the port, the game studio added new tools and cheats for developers. Most of the new mobile version of the GTA San Andreas cheat code will likely be used during the development and testing or debugging of the game.

However, by adding new cheats and tools, War Drum Studios seems to have found the original cheat code system in this android version of GTA San Andreas. And this makes it more difficult to activate some of these cheats, but it’s not impossible. For example using a keyboard that is plugged into an Android device, players can enter certain letter combinations to activate this hidden code.

For example, one of these cheats gives Carl Johnson (CJ) weapons and equipment that are not easily obtained in games outside of certain missions. This cheat can be useful for developers to test these items, such as how they affect the game’s performance, without having to load certain storage or complete most of the game.

Another cheat / cit of GTA San Andreas, a very useful android version, both for devs and players, is the ” scriptbypass ” cheat . When this cheat code is activated the player will immediately be able to miss any mission or event that is being run.

This cheat can be very useful to complete, for example, a difficult and annoying Zero RC mission. For developers, this code might be very useful for skipping parts of the game quickly in order to be able to test other areas or activities.

GTA San Andreas and GTA 5 are very popular games with millions of loyal fans. But even players are still discovering new things in the game or learning more about how it works. The next question is, what about other games that might be less popular. How many cheat codes have been buried in this other game that no one has found?

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