Minecraft Games Will Launch New Characters

Mojang developers will add characters to Minecraft games. At the annual MINECON meeting, the company announced what would happen next in the Minecraft game.

minecraft games

Reporting from the Slashgear page , Monday (1/10/2018), Mojang will launch additional content, such as new characters in the game with the shape of old English-style villagers. Users also have to compete with looters who have bows, users can also have their own bows and they add funny pandas in this game.

Minecraft is also a sandbox game, so part of its growth involves giving players the tools to shape virtual worlds as they wish. Mojang just revealed their latest game.

Minecraft: Dungeons, who take a beloved Minecraft aesthetic and polish it into an action-adventure underground explorer. You can play alone or, because it’s dangerous to go alone, work with up to three other friends.

This will be enough to wait for new features to land. Minecraft dungeons, for example, will not be present until 2019 and only for PCs initially.

Update Village and Pillage will arrive early next year while the Scripting API is still “coming soon”. However, this game will land October 3 but only for those who use the beta.

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