More Exciting than Fall Guys, Here Are 5 Reasons to Play Among Us

Among Us is currently being played by many gaming YouTubers from abroad. This indie game from InnerSloth has actually been released for a long time but suddenly went viral because of its unique gameplay.

Among Us is a multiplayer game that allows you and the players to interact with each other. This element of interaction with fellow players certainly makes Among Us even more popular, especially the current pandemic condition.

So what makes Among Us so interesting to play? Let’s find out the following reasons. Who knows, you are also interested in playing and inviting other friends.

1. Gameplay that is not boring

amung us game

Among Us can be played with four to ten players at once. With cute 2D visuals, all players will be divided into two camps and play in a large enough room.

There are Crewamtes and Impostors camps, where Crewmates will be tasked with completing every task in each room. Meanwhile, there are two Impostors who are assigned to disguise themselves among their Crewmates and finish them off in any way without being caught by the other players.

When there are Crewmates who die, the remaining players will discuss with each other to determine who the Impostors committed the murder. This discussion is certainly very exciting, especially with friends or other players.

2. Lots of Customization

Lots of Customization

It is not quite complete if the characters used in Among Us don’t have attractive costumes among other players. Therefore, InnerSloth also provides a lot of customization that allows you to provide accessories to pets so that the characters are even more funny and unique.

3. Also Has a Puzzle

Has a Puzzle

In Among Us , you are not only told to look for Impostors among Crewmates. But also can do several tasks that contain various puzzles to solve.

Interestingly, Crewmates and Impostors will also have the same task, so this will be even more confusing between players. If there are players who have not finished each task, they will be suspected of being Impostors who are busy looking for prey.

4. Many Players

Many Players

Don’t worry if you don’t have friends to play with, because in Among Us there are many gamers who can be invited to play together. You can enter another player’s room , or create a room to play together.

Unfortunately, there are so many players that the Among Us server is not even enough to accommodate players. So that sometimes you will find it difficult to enter the server.

5. Available on Android and PC

Available on Android and PC

Among Us itself is here for Android and PC. So don’t worry if you don’t have a PC, because you can play it on a smartphone device. Of course this version has been adapted for users, where smartphone users will take advantage of navigation on the touch screen, while PCs use keyboard and mouse navigation.

The fun thing is, Among Us supports the cross-play feature, so that Android and PC version players can play together.

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