New Version of “Metal Slug” Game Will Present on Smartphones and Consoles

Fans of side-scrolling action games must be familiar with the name Metal Slug. Not felt, it has been 24 years since the legendary game was present enliven the universe of the world gaming industry.

Metal Slug game

Recently, Japanese publisher Shin Nihon Kikaku (SNK) Interactive is reportedly preparing two new versions of Metal Slug. The two game titles will be present on two different platforms , one for mobile and one for console.

For the mobile version, SNK Interactive is said to be carrying a distinctive 2-dimensional graphics with a type of side-scrolling gameplay similar to its predecessor. The mobile version of Metal Slug is reported to have been 80 percent complete and will soon be released for Android and iOS.

For the record, this game is different from the Metal Slug mobile game that is being worked on by Timi Studio Tencent. Not yet known whether the console version of Metal Slug will carry the same side-scrolling gameplay as the mobile version or not.

SNK Interactive CEO Jeon Se-hwan also said that later these two games were aimed at players aged 10-20 years and 30-40 years who wanted to reminisce. Summed up from Wccf Tech, Tuesday (9/6/2020), SNK Interactive plans to release a brand-new Metal Slug for mobile and console in 2020, but so far there is no exact date.

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