Newly Released 24 Hours, Mario Kart Tour Downloaded 20 Million Times

As promised by Nintendo, the Mario Kart Tour game has finally officially launched on Android and iOS devices. Gamers in various countries around the world also welcomed the Mario Kart Tour game with great enthusiasm. Evidently, in just 24 hours, the game made by Nintendo has been downloaded 20 million times to iOS and Android devices.

Mario Kart Tour

Based on a report from Sensor Tower, Monday (09/30/2019), the Mario Kart Tour game made a profit of $12.7 million, the day after it was launched. Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game made by Nintendo with the highest number of downloads, with three times more registered gamers than Super Mario Run was released.

Still Defeated with Fire Emblem Heroes

Mario Kart Tour game

Meanwhile, Mario Kart Tour has to settle for third place in terms of income categories from other Nintendo games. Currently, Nintendo-made games that are still making huge profits are still held by Fire Emblem Heroes, followed by Super Mario Run.

Maybe, the “cash machine” on the Mario Kart Tour moves a little slower at the start of its launch compared to other Nintendo game titles. As a publisher and co-developer of the Mario Kart Tour game, DeNA is experimenting with Season Pass monetization. Gamers can first try playing the game for free for two weeks, before finally actually having to pay.

Gold Pass Feature

Mario Kart Tour online games

Mario Kart Tour presents a subscription feature – optional – named Gold Pass. As for the Gold Pass, gamers will get in-game items and badges (emblems) when playing. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear what the function of these items is.

With this subscription feature, gamers can also directly open the 200cc mode. Nintendo now gives gamers the opportunity to try the game for free for two weeks. Afterwards gamers have to pay per month.

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