Overwatch Games Ready to Launch Free This Week

Overwatch games can now be played for free this week. This will be in various platforms, including PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Reporting from the Techradar page , Sunday (08/26/2018) this game can be downloaded and played for free within an unlimited time from August 23 to 27 2018. During this trial period, you can access anything in the game. Includes 28 heroes, 18 maps, fast playing, changing game appearance and arcade mode.

Overwatch games

If you are interested in buying this Overwatch game in full after the trial period, the progress that already exists in the past will be sent afterwards.

For information, there were 50% who played Overwatch on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 during this trial period. and to be able to play it on a PC, you can download Blizzard Battle.net then create an account to enter the game.

After that you can open Overwatch on the desktop, select the region from the menu and select “install” for the next process, and if you can play it.

To try it on PlayStation 4, you can search Overwatch Free Weekend in the search, then select download and after the download is complete, you can play it by clicking “start”. Then, try it on the Xbox One by going to Xbox One Store, then searching for Overwatch, select Overwatch Orign Edition and click Free Trial. And after everything is finished, you can choose the “launch” option

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