Pekka Against Hidden Tesla Level 9 Clash of Clans

Pekka is one of the most powerful and deadly forces in Clash of Clans game. Pekka this time can only be increased up to level 5 and are now able to deal with Tesla Hidden level 9. Video uploaded by YouTube account SEN GAMING show when Pekka level 5 against two Tesla Hidden level 9. From the video duration 46 seconds, it was seen that Pekka level maximum can destroy both Hidden Tesla level 9.

hidden tesla level 9

In fact, Pekka must first destroy the object container Dark Elixir. However, the troops with two swords still can knock ‘electric towers’ in this mobile strategy game. For your information, Hidden Tesla has a level 9 Damage per Second 110, Damage per Shot 66, 900 hitpoints as well as a tag of 8 million gold. To have Hidden Tesla level 9, gamers should have a Town Hall level 11.


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