PlayStation 5 Hardware Can Defeat Scarlett Xbox

PlayStation 5 (PS5) will launch next year, precisely on the 2020 holiday. This has been confirmed by CEO Jim Ryan. Before the game console was launched, gamers slowly learned the capabilities of the PS5.

playstation 5

Reported by T3 , the hardware that is carried by the PS5 will reportedly be able to defeat its rival Xbox Scarlett.

The PlayStation 5 game console has been in the spotlight recently. PS5 is expected to offer more exciting performance and gaming experience than PS4.

So far, it has been revealed that device specifications include carrying the AMD Ryzen 7 nm Zen 2 with 8 cores / 16 threads, Radeon Navi-family GPU, RDNA microarchitecture, and custom SSD storage.

A dedicated SSD storage solution is needed for fast load times and greater bandwidth to support streaming content. Reportedly, the device supports 8K graphics.

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