Pokemon Go Cheat Code Collection

For you pokemon trainers, do you know that Pokemon Go also has cheats like other games? Pokemon Go cheats are available specifically for trainers who don’t want to play this game according to the rules.

But wait, there are actually several Pokemon Go cheats available, but because of using this cheat it could be that your account will be banned and even all your hard work can be in vain because it will be deleted. Very risky, right?

This article will explain the most popular Pokemon Go cheats out there as well as an explanation of how these cheats work. Examples include spoofing, botting, Auto-IV checkers and others.

Use this article as a way to take a look at those around you who could potentially use the Pokemon Go cheat, but don’t dive yourself into this world as it creates an unfair environment for millions of legitimate players.

Pokemon Go cheat: Spoofing

Pokemon Go cheat Spoofing

Spoofing in Pokemon Go makes the game think that you are in a different location from where you actually are. This happens because Pokemon Go is based on your real world position, where you actually are.

You can trick the location to move anywhere you want to catch rare pokemon even if these pokemon are thousands of miles away from your real location. Usually Pokemon Go trainers who use Spoofing are Android device users.

To be able to use this spoofing, you need a VPN. Before entering the Pokemon Go game, you must activate the VPN by selecting a location in another city or another country. Once active, open your Pokemon Go again and access the new location of your choosing.

But you have to be careful and be ready to face risks because Niantic Inc has started to know and act on this cheat. Because we don’t recommend using this cheat . Apart from using a VPN, you can use Fake GPS Go.

You can search for it on the internet and in general it doesn’t require root access first. Fake GPS Go is a freely available application that allows pinning your location to any place you want.

Another step is to use the Fake GPS Free application. This is another fake GPS app which is available for free and can be easily used on Android. This app is quite light and won’t access much device usage either. Even though the app has released a new version lately, some users have complained about getting a strike from Niantic for using it.


Botting is just like spoofing but even worse, because it’s basically spoofing automatically. This means that those who run this game are bots. You don’t get to choose which Pokemon the bot account captures, but instead they just hang around catching the rare and powerful Pokemon around the world.

To be able to do a Pokemon bot, it can only be done via a laptop or computer device. Even some BOTs that are widespread on the internet already have various features such as Throws away unneeded items, Humanlike Walking, Configurable Custom Pathing, Softban bypass and other features.

The activation of the Pokemon Go bot is actually a bit complicated because you need to edit the settings using the program language. But it seems that there are already several bot providers who have upgraded their systems so that you don’t have to perform complex bot activation.

Examples of pokemon go bots that are widespread are BOT Pokemon GO GUI, NecroBot and others. Usually people do this one pokemon go cheat is used to get a higher level quickly there are even bots that claim that it is able to raise 20 levels in just one night.

Like spoofing, playing bot games is quite dangerous and is prone to getting banned from Niantic Inc. If you are still tempted, try creating a backup account.

Auto-IV Checkers

Auto-IV Checkers

The fighting strength of any Pokemon in Pokemon Go depends on their IV. IV itself is short for Individual Values. 100% Pokemon IV is the best because it has the most power, but there is no way to check the proper IV without a third party program. Even though your Pokemon IV determines your strength, competence in battle, and overall CP.

Pokemon can only be scored through your team leader who gives the best vague answer. Manual IV checkers aren’t banned, but they do require you to check every Pokemon you catch with a screenshot.

Instead, some players choose to use automatic IV checker but unfortunately, this is prohibited because they are directly linked to your account. This can save you a lot of time, but is it worth it when you risk your account being banned?

If you are ready to run the risk, you can get the IV calculator for Android. An IV checker with an IV calculator is a different matter. Calculator IV uses information from the game to make educational guesses about your Pokémon IV. Checkers, on the other hand, usually ping the game server for the exact number and that is illegal.

In addition, the calculator never asks for our Pokémon Go login credentials, while usually checkers are illegal. Examples of IV calculators in circulation are the Calcy IV, GoIV, GamePress IV Calculator, Poke Genie and The Silph Road IV calculator.

Multi Account

This isn’t technically a cheat as it doesn’t connect directly to the game but Niantic ILC bans it anyway. Multi-accounting as you can expect; have multiple accounts on the go at once. Some will use accounts on different teams to clean up the gym before quickly logging into their main account and filling up the gym.

Others will access friends and family accounts at the same time to fill up a new gym. Even though this method is prohibited, it has advantages over other cheats, namely the use of this method is safer and the risk is not as big as the others.

Account sharing

Just like the previous cheat method, basically you can’t have multiple accounts at once and also share accounts with other people so they can catch pokemon in different places. Account sharing is one of the pokemon go cheats which has the weakest risk compared to other cheats.

It is difficult for Niantic to detect this as long as you don’t use accounts simultaneously and allow sufficient time before logging in when there are long distances between the previous people, but make sure you are careful when doing so. Sometimes you have friends in different areas and you just need a Relicanth or Corsola.


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