Pokemon Go Will Be Played from Home with “Remote Raid Pass”

For the sake of breaking the chain of the spread of the corona virus, the world community is advised to remain at home. Pokemon Go players who are usually actively playing outdoors are now forced to stop hunting monsters.

Responding to this situation, Niantic plans to immediately release an update so that players can still play Pokemon Go in the house. Through these updates, Niantic will present a new item called Remote Raid Pass.

Remote Raid Pass, players can participate in the Raid Battle without the need to come to the actual raid location . Players can also do Raid Battle as long as the target monster is still in the player’s reach area.

“Players can use one Remote Raid Pass to enter a Raid Battle. Each player can only hold a limited number of Remote Raid Passes at one time,” explained Niantic. Players who can participate in Raid Battle are still 20 people as usual, but the number who can use the Remote Raid Pass is limited.

In addition, there are several attack power adjustments for players who use a remote raid pass. For example, at the beginning of using a remote battle pass, players will get a normal amount of attack power. However, when the Remote Raid Pass has been used many times, the attack power of the player will gradually decrease.

Nevertheless, this new feature still provides a solution so that players remain active playing Pokemon Go while at home. Raid Battle itself is an event to defeat the Pokemon raid boss that appears in the Gym. Raid Battle can be followed by players from different teams, to work together to defeat the boss.

Later the remote raid pass will be available in the in- game store. One remote raid pass will be sold at 100 pokecoin or equivalent to 0.99 US dollars.

Remote raid passes will also be sold in a bundle package. This new item is planned to be present around April 2020, as summarized from the Cult of Mac, Friday (4/17/2020).

In addition to the Remote Raid Pass, Niantic also presents several new adjustments to make it easier to manage resources in the game, such as the presence of additional prizes in daily tasks and added experience for candy and stardust.

Later pokemon buddy will automatically go to PokeStop to pick up available prizes. Players can also accumulate star pieces , lucky eggs and incence effects to have an effect for a longer duration of time.

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