Pokemon Go Will Have Global PvP Features

Niantic plans to implement a PvP system on Pokemon GO. The new gameplay will certainly be present in 2020. Reported by Phone Arena, Tuesday (10/22/2019), Pokemon GO players currently can only fight with other trainers locally and can fight NPC anywhere.

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But starting next year, Niantic will add an online PvP mechanism , so players can fight each other wherever they are.

The PvP system will later be called the Go Battle League. Just like most other Pokemon GO features, Go Battle League will encourage players to explore the world with Pokemon.

Players must walk to enter the GO Battle League, then face other players from all over the world through an online matching system .

So far there has not been so much information about these new features, including rewards for winners.

Niantic Labs Block Gamers Who Play Pokemon Go Using Xiaomi

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Previously reported, Pokemon GO players had faced a problem some time ago. At the end of September, a number of Xiaomi smartphone users complained that they could no longer play Pokemon Go games. Based on uploads on the Reddit forum , they were blocked because they violated Niantic’s rules.

Quoted from Gizchina, there are several accounts that are suspended for up to 30 days. The statement from Pokemon Go explains that the account was suspended because it had committed a violation.

In fact, the players mentioned that they didn’t do anything that violated the rules of the gym. Further explained, the suspended Xiaomi users were allegedly using third-party software that violated the terms of the gym.

“We encourage you to stop this activity. Continued efforts will have an impact on suspended accounts,” wrote a statement in Pokemon Go.

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