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Pokemon Sword and Shield game launching November 15th


Ahead of the launch of the Pokemon Sword and Shield game on Friday, November 15, The Pokemon Company gives bonus pre-order games to fans.

Pokemon Sword and Shield game

Usually, Nintendo fans always spend a lot of money on the Switch game when it is first released, especially if it’s a popular Nintendo game like Pokemon, Quoted Gamespot.

This year Pokemon fans can be said to be lucky, because Pokemon Sword and Shield can be priced at USD49, 94 cheaper than $ 10 before.

The Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield game will be played on Nintendo Switch. This game allows gamers to adventure in the Pokemon world.

Gamers will find a village, a modern city, a meadow, snowy mountains and a desert. Gamers can watch the battle between Pokemon in a good 3D graphic display. Gamers can also visit Pokemon Gyms and fight with Pokemon trainers.

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