Popular Android Games and More Hits in 2020

As a young child you can’t be outdated, now Android games are popping up that are more hits and present that you can download for free on Playstore. Starting from the simple one that is just a tap to unwind, until the exciting esports game is ready to entertain you.

Don’t just play social media or the most popular online game that’s all, super creative game developers have made games from various genres that are cool to play. Especially if you claim to be a true gamer, of course you should not miss the latest hits and fun games.

6 Popular Android Games in 2020

1.Worms Zone

Worms Zone

This game, known as the worm game, is indeed having hits. No wonder that Playstore is currently dominated by this type of game. Of the top 10 free games in PlayStore, 5 of them are this type of game. And of the five most famous is the Worms Zone.

A very attractive display, simple gameplay and minimal violence are the main reasons this Worms Zone game is very popular with girls and children. You can change the background and type of food to make it more interesting to play you know. In addition you can also custom your worm with various models.

2.Hunter Assassin

Hunter Assassin

If you like stealth games, then you will like this very exciting Hunter Assassin game. Your main mission is to sneak into a warehouse with very tight guard. You are required to kill the guards one by one, but be careful not to get your position discovered by them. Another advantage of this game, Hunter Assassin can be played without using an internet connection.

3.Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know Mobile Legends? This game is one of the best MOBA games in the world, even now not a few MOBA gamers have moved from their old game to Mobile Legends. With the Unity 2017 engine performance making this game HD.

And currently in the process of being Ultra HD with various effects that make this game come alive. If you used to insult this game with a dotted game, be careful because Mobile Legends is now very different from the previous Mobile Legends.

4.Free Fire


Free Fire

Next up is Free Fire which is a groundbreaking game with the battle royale genre that already exists, such as PUBG or Fortnite. The light size of the game compared to its competitors and the pretty good graphics make Free Fire very worthy for you to play.

Moreover, this game can be the best alternative when you are tired of playing PUBG or Fortnite. You can choose a character with a variety of skills it has. You can play aggressive or more defensive depending on the FF character you use.

5.Ludo King

Ludo King

Ludo is actually an old school game, but it is repackaged with the present style so that it is increasingly popular in the present. There is nothing different from the gameplay of Ludo that you are familiar with, where there are 4 seeds that you have to put in the triangle in the middle of the board.

If other players kick your seeds so they can go back into the house. The fun part is you can play this game online or offline, so you can save your quota by playing offline or you want to challenge other players to be the best.



Hago has been hits since 2019 yesterday, but still maintains its existence until now. This game hits amid young people who have a hobby of playing games together. You can play the game while chatting in this game. If you don’t have friends, you can find new friends and get to know other players. This is the most liked part of this game. Interested in trying it?

Now that was the current game that is being hit which you can download in playstore. Which of these Popular Android Games have you played? Or do you have other game suggestions that are more okay? Give your comment in the comments below.

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