Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid Will Become an eSports Game?

eSports is also widely discussed abroad. This also allows Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid to be one of the games that will enter the electronic tournament.

Power Rangers

Reported by DualShockers page , Wednesday (1/23/2019), Hasbro, Lionsgate, and nWay have prepared new content that they will provide after the product is released later. One of them is cross-play between PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with 3 vs 3 modes like Marvel vs Capcom.

In addition, there will be additional characters, stories and skins in the Season Pass. Meanwhile, support for eSports depends on the community.

Game developers say they have added some main content such as characters, and new ideas that are implemented completely with the designs that are ready to be released. However, game developers still want to see how the audience responds to the content. One of them is the potential of eSports games.

“There is definitely an eSports potential, but we want to hear what players want. We actually did a lot of eSports with previous versions of Power Rangers and I still want to do it with this new game, if anyone wants it, we are happy to dive in, “said Jesse Cherry, Senior Product Manager from nWay.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid reportedly will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in April this year. This game will be priced at USD19.99.

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