Powerful Tips to Survive Attack Opponent in Clash of Clans

To deal with the growing number of opponents and a variety of their skills, it’s fair if you will have difficulty survive attacks from other clasher. Moreover, the level of your Town Hall are still low.

Various strategies must you do to protect yourself. Before you follow the strategies below, it’s better if you ensure the formation of base used was appropriate and perfect.

Surviving from Attacks Opponent

Without any great length, here is a strategy that bestgamingnews.com serve to help you survive the onslaught clasher in the CoC.

1. Place Town Hall beyond

Despite having lost some trophies, put the Town Hall (TH) outside the base formation is very worth it. In this way, your Town Hall will be protected by the shield for 12 hours. In this way, you can raise the level more efficient and easier

Set Strategy

2. Limit the amount Trophy

With tens of millions of active players every day, do not be surprised if among clasher is the ‘veteran’ players. To avoid their attacks, it’s better if you limit the number of trophies that you have to 2000.

3. Place the Clan Castle in the middle of the base

The goal is that the opponent is not easy fishing Castle Clan out of the nest.

good luck


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