“PUBG Mobile” International Tournament Postponed Due to Login Problems

Tournament e-sports international scale, PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Season Zero in 2020 reported experiencing delays. This delay occurred on the first day of the match, due to login problems experienced by iOS device users globally.

PUBG Mobile World League

When trying to log into PUBG Mobile, iOS users claim the game cannot run and suddenly crashes. The problem was later known to originate from Facebook’s software development kit ( SDK) that functions in the login process using a Facebook account.

As a result, the organizers of PMWL were forced to move the schedule of the tournament which was supposed to be held yesterday, Friday (07/10/2020) to today Saturday (07/11/2020).

“We are aware of the login problem faced by iOS users on PUBG Mobile. Because of this obstacle, unfortunately we are forced to postpone PMWL Season Zero,” wrote the official Instagram account for PUBG Mobile e-sports .

PUBG Mobile also confirmed that the cause of the disturbance was related to the Facebook application. PUBG Mobile does provide a login option using Facebook.

By connecting to Facebook, user data can be integrated into a PUBG Mobile account, so users no longer need to fill in their personal data to create a new account.

However, due to interference, the application that was previously connected using a Facebook account also experienced an error. This problem only occurs on iOS users, because there are no related reports from Android users.

“Recently, there was a code change that triggered a crash for several iOS applications that use the Facebook SDK,” said a Facebook spokesman quoted from The Verge, Saturday (11/07/2020). Facebook also confirmed that the interruption has now been successfully repaired and the application can be used again normally.

“We identified the problem quickly and have resolved it. We apologize for the inconvenience,” added a Facebook spokesman. Some users say that uninstalling and reinstalling the PUBG Mobile application can fix the problem.

While other users claim the use of the application “blocker” is effective to block Facebook access so that the application can run as before. For information, the 2020 PMWL tournament will compete with 20 e-sports teams from various countries.

There are two e-sports teams from Indonesia who are members of the East zone, namely Bigetron RA in group A and Morph Team who occupy group B.


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