Review of Three Kingdoms Quest of Infinity, Mode & Gameplay

The presence of Three Kingdoms Quest of Infinity brings fresh air for gamers. Three Kingdoms itself is one of the RPG-themed games that will be present in 2020. Before starting to play it, there are a few things you need to know about this royal war-themed game.

Three Kingdoms Quest of Infinity review

As of December 1, 2020, this best Android RPG game can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and will follow the App Store in early 2021. This Android RPG game is quite interesting because it can be played automatically, so you can play while doing other activities.

Game Review

Basically, the core of the game Three Kingdoms Quest of Infinity is that you have to fight with other players to collect and strengthen your hero character. There are more than 100 characters that you can use later.

All are divided into 4 element groups, namely: Water, Fire, Nature, and Dark. Interestingly, this Android RPG game can be played automatically, so you can play while doing other activities.

You can play this game online and save more than 100 hero characters from 3 kingdoms story lines with different abilities, and even tend to be difficult to guess. To strengthen your character, of course, there is an upgrade and enhance system.

You must collect certain items to be able to do both. The equipment you can choose from is also very varied, so you can combine them for more epic battles. For those of you who like the theme of royal war , you must play this game.

Game Mode

Although this RPG game cannot be played offline, this game is still interesting to play because it has 7 game modes that can be selected as desired. Each game mode will provide different types and sizes of rewards. The following include:

  • Campaign
  • EXP
  • Equipment
  • Evolve Material
  • Elite
  • Guild Dungeon, and
  • World Boss

How to Play the Game

A little illustration, when you first enter the game Three Kingdoms Quest of Infinity, you must register first. You can use your Google Play account or your Facebook account. Although a Guest account is also available, it is not recommended because you cannot save your game data with this account.

After successfully creating a Three Kingdoms account, then you can log into the game. You will later be faced with the decision to choose a protective hero. There are 3 groups of protective heroes that you can choose from, namely:

  • Cao Cao – Na Young
  • Liu Bei – Ching Lin
  • Sun Quan – Hong Wu

After that, decide which hero you want to use. You can also provide a name for the hero of your choice provided that the name is at least 2 characters and a maximum of 8 characters. When finished, follow the directions and cinematic stories provided.

The narrative that is delivered tells about the background and core story of the game. From here, you will understand the mission when playing this game. This game is equipped with an Auto Gameplay feature.

This feature allows you to play and carry out missions even while doing other activities. In other words, your hero character is in autoplay mode.

Playing Tips

To win the battle in Three Kingdoms: Quest of Infinity, you have to build a strong and sturdy formation, consisting of 5 heroes. But be careful! There are several things you need to pay attention to. Here are the tips:

The Right Form of Formation

Consider various things before building a formation. For the record, the front row is very at risk of getting high damage from the enemy. Therefore, heroes of the Magic and Support types are very suitable to be placed in the back row only, given their low resistance. In addition, choose hero characters with a large number of stars. The more the number of stars, the stronger the hero character.

Use Hero Enhance

Use the maximum enhanced hero, if any. As we know, enhance increases the strength and quality of a hero. Even if there isn’t, just choose the hero with the highest enhance level.

Complete Battle Mode First

The key to increasing the hero level in Three Kingdoms Quest of Infinity is to complete the battle mode. The goal is that you get more items when doing quests.

Minimize Top Up

Like any RPG game, the key to victory in the game comes from consistency, tactics and luck. Too often doing top ups won’t help you much.


Like other best RPG games, this game is equipped with 3D graphics quality that is quite good. This game also has a size of no more than 100 Mb, so it doesn’t take up much memory.

In addition, when running on a smartphone with standard RAM, this game feels lighter than similar RPG games. The game mode that is presented is quite interesting and unfortunately missed. 3 Kingdom online is perfect for playing with friends and family to unwind.

Especially in a pandemic like now, which requires you to stay at home until Covid-19 completely disappears from circulation.

Android specifications

  • Chipset: Snapdragon 410 or higher.
  • GPU: Adreno 306.
  • RAM: 1.5 GB.
  • OS: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher.

IOS specifications

  • iPhone 6s / iPad 3 or higher.

Sounds interesting to try, right? So it is not surprising that this game is equipped with excitement that is not inferior to other similar RPG games. For those of you who don’t want to miss the fun of playing this game, then you can download it via the following link. Don’t forget to leave your positive comments, OK!


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