Run 3 unblocked game is cool, fun and became popular right now. You must try to play it with your friends here. The game is very liked by everyone worldwide. Currently run 3 game is the most favorite sequel from the previous series. This game was first introduced by Joseph Cloutier at Kongregate on June 5, 2014

run 3 unblocked game

Your character when playing is as a small gray alien. All you have to do is avoid the hole by continuing to run, jump, dodge left or right. If you fall into a hole, you lose.

How to Play

The controls for this game are WASD or arrow keys:

    • SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump
    • A or LEFT Arrow = Left
    • D or RIGHT Arrow = Right

Run 3 Unblocked

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Run 3 Unblocked game is our topic today; This game is amazing to play and we are sure you will enjoy playing this game. Many game features you will like, in this game your character is an extraterrestrial creature and the creature passes through challenging areas in outer space. When you enter a restricted area with many dangerous holes and other items, it will make you see all your steps going forward.

If you are not careful to pass, then you will fall into a hole and will be in space for unlimited time. So you have to keep running around the hole.

Keep running, and avoid real obstacles, you will avoid yourself from danger. So, put down and carry out your every step carefully.

It’s not running that burns your calories, but running that will make your palms sweat and burn your calories through the mind. Because this involves the mind, too much energy will burn through making plans and taking care of every step you take going forward.

Run 3 unblocked games

We are sure you will enjoy playing Run 3 online that is not blocked, just tap and run into the valley. You just run to get through all the obstacles that come to stop you.

There will be big obstacles there; You can change gravity by walking or running along the wall. A greater chance of survival is just jumping and battling without stopping.

You can find new alien characters in the game if you don’t like aliens running around to avoid falling into pits. So, tap to change the characteristics and form of alien appearance so that you will get greater ability to survive for a longer period of time.

So, the new graphics will combine 3D gameplay with cartoons, to entertain and give you a greater play style.

You can play Run 3 Unblocked through a Web browser, iOS or Android.

In addition you can download the application to install it on your mobile to play it offline, while there is no internet connection.

Run 3 cool math games

The plot of the Run series game is quite interesting and strange. when aliens leave this planet to find another planet, they enter a tunnel, and in the end while walking and running through that tunnel, they finally realize there are no other planets to live on, so they must keep running through the tunnel to save their lives .

There are two interesting types of games, the first is the Explore mode and the other is the unlimited game mode. Most people like to play the Cool Run 3 match game through explore mode.

In unlimited game mode, you can use whatever you like. At each end of the view, you will see a tunnel, and you will traverse tunnel by tunnel and score lots of numbers, adding to the level of the game.

In exploring the game mode, there are some holes and obstacles that will stop your run. All you have to do is avoid the holes and run the right game format.

Run 3 Unblocked Game Walkthrough