Steam Will Release Remote Play Together Feature, What Is It?

In the near future, Valve, developers, publishers and platforms selling digital games from the United States will introduce the latest features, namely Remote Play Together.

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What is Remote Play Together? Explained, this is a feature that allows gamers to be able to enjoy their online game playing sessions.

Usually, online games are done together and on a fairly large scale. In fact, one server in the game can accommodate up to hundreds of people.

But with Remote Play Together , this feature will make the online gaming experience change dramatically and be more personal with friends.

Because, Remote Play Together will further strengthen the game titled Local Multiplayer, Local Co-op, and Split Screen.

In a sense, all of these gymnastics are playable at the same time and are in the same room.

One Gamers Host

Reporting from TechCrunch , Sunday (10/13/2019), there is one player who will act as a game player.

In a sense, he will share screen shots of the game with his friends. Later through the trailer, players will play together.

Valve said this feature would support up to four people in the game.

Of course, to access Remote Play Together, players need a stable internet connection so they can access the snapshot provided by the gamer host.

This feature will be officially released in the Steam application on 21 October.

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