Subway Surfers: Reviews, Tips, Coin Cheat & Unlimited Keys

As the name implies, Subway Surfers is a casual game with a theme about trains. Where players are required to run to avoid police pursuit in an endless train car. Although simple and easy to play, but this is precisely what makes this game loved by many people.

Subway Surfers game

And this time We will review and inform tips and tricks on how to play Subway Surfers and cheat to get Unlimited Coins & Keys.

Subway Surfers has been released since September 12, 2012. Counting for 7 years, the Kiloo manufacturer’s game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. That means, the achievement is inseparable from the concepts and gameplay offered in this game. In addition to these two factors, the target of games that cover all ages is one of the reasons why Subway Surf is a favorite game to date.

Not only children, even teenagers and adults are addicted to playing it. Although not including a new game, but this game seems to never die. Well, here are the reviews, tips and tricks on how to play the Subway Surfers game and cheat to get Unlimited Coins & Keys from us.

Review of Subway Surfers Game

Review of Subway Surfers Game

If you are looking for the best lightweight Android game, then Subway Surfers must be obliged to enter your target game. Its size is not up to 100 MB, making this game can be played on smartphones with even a small RAM. Another advantage is that this game is offline , so it keeps your quota full even if you play it for hours.

No matter how often or how good you play Subway Surfer, this game will never end. The longer you play, the speed level will increase. At this time of failure makes people curious to break new scores. In terms of gameplay, Subway Surfers is a very easy game to play.

Not much different from games in general, Subway Surf also applies a character purchasing system and items using coins and keys. So not only Jake, there are several other characters named Fresh and Tricky that you can buy at the shop. To get this coin, you have to maybe play often. The greater the value you get in the game, the greater the coins you will get later.

Subway Surfers Trailer Gameplay

Another unique thing from the Subway Surf game is the concept of place and theme which is always different in every update. The theme taken is usually in big cities throughout the world. Like Paris, Rio de Janeiro, London, New York, Shanghai, and even Bali was once used as a theme in this game. This is what makes this game one of the games that are not boring on Android to always be played.

Advantages of Subway Surf Game

  • Easy to play.
  • It has full-color HD graphics and feels smooth.
  • There are many character choices.
  • Are offline, do not take quota.
  • No weight when played.
  • Frequently changing themes, making players not get bored quickly.

Tips and Trick playing Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers tips

There is no special technique in playing this game other than full concentration. If we focus into the game, then the obstacles that are in front of you can definitely overcome with alacrity.

You only need to rely on the 4 controls on the screen to move the character named Jake to avoid being caught by the police. Slide right to move right, slide left to move left, slide up to jump and slide down to rolling. With these 4 controls, you can easily avoid the various obstacles that lie ahead.

Don’t just play and collect lots of coins, but also try to always complete the mission that was ordered so you can get lots of items for free. By following the mission, your game skills will be honed and coins will be obtained will be more and more.

Cheat Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins & Keys

Subway Surfers cheat

As discussed earlier, to be able to buy items and various characters we need coins. But to get coins with large amounts is not an easy matter. One of the shortcuts is to use a cheat. Not only PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends online games that can use cheat, android offline games like Subway Surfers are also available. Here are a few Subway Surfers cheats that allow you to get unlimited coins and keys.

To be able to get unlimited coins and keys, you must first download the MOD. MOD is a hack term to increase strength and amount of money in the game. To be able to use Subway Surfers MOD, you must first download APKmody manually. You can download the Subway Surfers MOD cheat here.

  1. After downloading the link above, install the application. Before installing, make sure that on your mobile there is no Subway Surf application.
  2. Open the MOD version of the Subway Surf application and don’t log in.
  3. Then you will enter the tutorial stage on how to play Subway Surf.
  4. After the tutorial is complete, then you will be taken to the main page.
  5. Here, the number of coins and keys is 111 million each. This figure is more than enough to buy all the items in the Shop.
  6. All the characters in Subway Surf are already open, you just need to choose which character you want to play.

That was a review, tips & tricks , and unlimited Coin & Key cheats for the game Subway Surfers that News can give to you. With the tips and cheats that have been given above, then you will no longer have trouble to get items and characters in the shop. How to Interested in trying it? Just download the application now.


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