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Supercell Prepare CoC Update Next Month


Long time no hear the news, Supercell was already preparing for the latest updates for Clash of Clans (CoC) in December.

Although there is no definite date of this CoC slid update, this update will reportedly introduce some new features in the games.

coc update

Quoted from page iTechSpot, Thursday (24/11/2016), the launch of the COC update is expected to make a come back and be able to compete with artificial Niantic Labs games titled Pokemon Go.

Based on the information Neurogadget, CoC updates will be launched next month will feature new gameplay.

Reportedly, Supercell will accelerate clasher get resources – including gems – faster to repair damaged buildings.

Given the popularity of Pokemon Go that are declining, this is the perfect moment for Supercell to launch latest update for CoC.

Not only featuring new gameplay, Supercell will also introduce features that battle more interesting.

Supercell was reportedly going to introduce a new building named the shipwreck, and introduces a new hero named Red Barbarian King.

Will COC update help them compete with Niantic? read also coc massive update


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