Thamuz, the New Hero of Mobile Legends with Fire Attacks

The Mobile Legends game has the arrival of a new hero named Thamuz. At first glance this hero looks horrible with a monstrous monster form and has two axes or sickles to slash opponents.

Thamuz mobile legends

What is Thamuz’s strength like? Just like the Mobile Legends hero in general, this hero has three skills that can be activated and a passive skill. All skills are able to damage your opponent.

Thamuz which is a fighter hero is unique, namely throwing a sickle that can provide continuous damage. With his skill 1, Slaughterous Scythes, the sickle will spin around with the flames, then return again wherever Thamuz goes.

The boost effect can occur if the sickle hits an enemy or minion, and Thamuz can strike back the enemy using the weapon.

Skill 2, Chasm Leap allows Thamuz to jump towards the enemy, giving physical damage and slow effects to the enemy for a few seconds. Apparently, skill 2 can also be used to jump away from enemy attacks if needed.

Ulti Skill, Cauterant Inferno allows Thamuz to spread the Lava he saved to attack enemies around. When this skill is active, Thamuz can restore HP when attacking.

While the passive skills possessed by Thamuz, the Grand Lord Lava allows enemies to burn, causing continuous damage.

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