The Benefits Of Video Games For Kids

Most parents are more concerned about the dangers of video games on their kids as opposed to their benefits. However, these type of games are a typical part of most childhoods and they can be a great tool to help your child learn many valuable life skills.

These games can help teachers with classroom education as well as provide parents with an appropriate type of game for leisure time. Also, it can help game developers learn exactly what kinds of games they can create which actually help to teach certain lessons.

legend of zelda

I actually recently wrote a research paper which is basically about the reasons why kids play video games and how they relate to normal child development.

This paper was actually printed in General Psychology and it shows the results of various studies that I completed at Harvard based on interviews with over a thousand children from various public schools. So, with that said, I will now go into eight reasons why video games can be beneficial to children’s education based on my research.

Video Games Can Help To Increase Creativity & Problem Solving

There is significant evidence that shows that video games can help with a child’s brain development. I’ve seen this from my research as well as personally with my son who is a fan of playing the “Legend of Zelda.” In this game, he had to learn how to negotiate, plan and even try a variety of approaches in order to find one that worked.

There are many other games that help kids with these skills such as Defenders of the Core. There is even the ability to mod games so that you can change and customize the character’s looks as well as customize the entire game according to your own self expression.

This allows children to learn about the inner workings of the game, its structure, rules as well as help them to highlight themselves in a new way.

As a result, it was my conclusion that a game doesn’t have to be conventionally educational in order for it to help kids to come up with different strategies, improve their decision making skills, see the consequences of their actions etc.

Inspire Great Interest In Culture & History

There are many video games which can actually help to get kids to become more interested in history and make them want to learn and research about different cultures. For example, some specific games that do so are Age of Empires, Civilization ad Age of Mythology.

These games actually help to create interest in the geography of the world, history of the world, international relations and more.

James Gee and David Shaffer are two researchers that have come to understand the benefits of the game, “Age of Mythology” and they have indicated that parents can use this game to help kids to prepare for more in-depth lessons in history and the sciences.

The best thing about these games is that they even allow kids to create maps and design civilizations on their own which actually helps them to develop a variety of technical skills all while having tons of fun.

Gain More Friends

Parents typically think that video games cause their kids to become isolated, but kids actually see these games as a social activity. This is because the games allow kids to hang out together, play together and form deep bonds over time.

According to my research, I found that boys in particular were much more likely to play a video game together in the same room with their friends.

Video games are also a source of stimulating conversation between boys in particular who typically like to focus on games and girls. Even kids who have learning disabilities often sought to play video games in order to make new friends.

Get More Exercise

Another way video games can benefit kids and boys in particular is that they often seek to learn new moves from sports based games and then try them in real life. According to my research, kids that actually watched lots of realistic sports based video games often spent a lot more time outside with their friends, practicing those moves and exercising.


There are also mental benefits of playing video games and a lot of people find that particular games are very positive for children. Service Care Solutions have a good blog on the matter.

Teaches Kids To Enjoy Competition

Lastly, it is very common for kids and in particular boys to compete with one another in order to improve their social status. In my surveys, many boys indicated that they play and compete with other kids so that they can win.

As a result, these video games are a great way for kids to safety express their competitive nature and are an additional route in which they can seek to excel.


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