The Best Settings Tips for the Latest Among Us Game

For those of you who often play Among Us, you must be curious about the best settings. For those of you who have never heard of Among Us, this game is a game with the concept of social interaction that is currently very sensational and sweeping all countries wherever you are.

Best Settings  for among us game

In short, Among Us is a game of social deduction where a group of astronauts on an outpost or a shabby space station try to complete a number of tasks to win the game. Some of them are fraudsters aka impostors whose mission is to sabotage the work of crewmates.

Each round, between one and three imposters will be randomly selected, and given the ability to sabotage important parts of the ship, going around using vents. And most importantly kill innocent crew members in cold blood.

Amazingly, almost every setting in Among Us can be changed and adjusted in the lobby; imposter cooldown, crewmate’s viewing radius, and even how fast players can run. Yep, you can double the movement speed and watch a bunch of little spacemen bounce off the walls. But this is not the best feature Among Us has to offer.

among us setting

As such, you’ll need the guide from this article to determine the best Among Us settings that are ideal for ensuring a balanced and enjoyable gameplay for your group to suit all lobby sizes and player experience levels.

Among Us’s best set-up recommendations recommended in this article can be taken as a starting point for your group. But if you think the game feels too easy or too difficult for any player, you can modify it a bit to restore balance.

Imposter too easy to win? Increase their kill cooldown, or reduce the number of tasks the crew needs to perform. Crewmates always win? Try the opposite. If you have a group of experienced players who know each other well, turn off eject confirmation.

So you will not know the identity of the player who was issued. However, new players might benefit from enabling visual tasks. So they will have more experience to be able to enjoy this game.


How to Change Settings in the Among Us Game

Lobby owners can change all settings in the Among Us game by interacting with the laptop in the storage room. Just like normal users who change cosmetic items on their characters. And for more details, here are some settings and the best settings  in Among Us and their explanations.

Choose one of three maps, Polus, The Skeld, or Mira HQ

Of Impostors

Set the number of in-game imposters. This article recommends one imposter if you have less than eight players, and two for eight or more and a maximum of three. One imposter and six crewmates will be quite difficult options, so it’s best to reduce the kill waiting time for this game. Similarly, two imposters and six crewmates are difficult for crewmates, so increase the kill cooldown accordingly.

Confirm Ejects

This setting will determine whether you can find the player’s identity after they have been ejected or not. Disabling this feature will make the game more challenging for crewmaters. This setting is only recommended for experienced players.

Of Emergency Meetings

How many emergency encounters can be used per player. The default and most commonly used is one, but if you really like talking, and want to try a slower pace of play you can try two. As a counterbalance, you may need to add another long task.

Emergency Cooldown

How long do you have to wait after the meeting before holding the next emergency meeting. This article recommends 20 seconds. But whatever you decide, make sure it’s shorter than the kill cooldown time, or you’re in trouble.

Discussion Time

How long players have to wait in a meeting before they can vote. Voting too fast can mess things up, so if you want to avoid this, 45 seconds should be plenty of time for a purposeful debate. Alternatively, if the crewmate continues to win, eliminating discussion time can be the best way to hinder methodical decision making.

Voting Time

Length of voting window in discussion. This article suggests 30 seconds. If you reduce the discussion time, you may need to increase the voting time or vice versa, it’s up to you.

Player Speed

How fast the little feet of the astronauts can carry you. This article recommends 1.25x, but feel free to modify this depending on what you and your playmates want.

Crewmate Vision

How far the crew can see. This article recommends 1 to 1.5 – although you can lower it if you feel brave.

Impostor Vision

How far imposters can see with their evil little eyes. The recommended setting is 1.5 to 1.75, depending on your crew’s sight settings.

Kill Cooldown

How long the imposter must wait after killing before killing again. The most recommended number is 25 seconds, as we mentioned above. You may want to make sure that this time is longer than the Emergency Cooldown time.

Kill Distance

The range of the imposter’s brutal murder. This article highly recommends being short, so you can try escaping.

Visual Tasks

Some tasks, such as the Medbay scanner and the shooty-asteroid bit in Weapons, have an optional visual element that triggers when someone performs the task. Enabling this allows you to confirm the innocence of a crewmate you see performing this task. This option is too easy it’s best to disable it if you already have experience playing Among Us.

Of CommonTasks

Common tasks are tasks that everyone has to do. We recommend 1 or 2. Having at least one will come in handy as you can catch imposters that fail to emulate to perform this common task.

Of Long Tasks

That long and multi-stage task. Due to the high level of difficulty, it’s a good idea to reduce the number of tasks on this one to only 1.

Of Short Tasks

The number of short-duration tasks that each player must complete. This article recommends a range of 1 to 3, depending on how fast your group tends to complete.

Those were all the settings and recommendations for the best settings in the Among Us game that you need to know. On another occasion, maybe we will discuss how to set the best speed among us, how to set the room among us in among us game.

Now that you’ve got it all figured out, you should now be ready to go into space and try to escape the imposters. To increase your chances of survival, don’t forget to also learn how to play as Crewmate and Imposter in this sensational Among Us game. Good luck!


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