The Coolest Mobile Legends Skins Order, Which One is Yours?

Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game still spoils the players. Not only bringing in a new hero, Natan with curious abilities, many Mobile Legends skins were also brought in for players to enjoy.

The collaboration between Mobile Legends and Star Wars is also a breath of fresh air for players who want to get the film-themed skin of the series.

Mobile Legends skins

Before getting a cool Star Wars themed skin, many cool skins have been released by Mobile Legends. These skins also have levels, where the higher the skin level, the more expensive the price. So, what is the list of the coolest Mobile Legends skins? Check out the following review to find out.


Alucard’s Obsidian Blade Skin

Alucard's Obsidian Blade Skin

Even though he is a hero who has been in Mobile Legends for a long time, Alucard is still a mainstay hero for many players. Great damage and has a great lifesteal, making Alucard attracted by many players to win rank. Especially when using the Obsidian Blade skin, Alucard looks even more fierce. This Legend skin has a blazing purple appearance and animation.

The armor worn by Alucard is the result of a transformation from his sports motorbike, so there is a spinning wheel effect on the back. It’s not just his appearance that makes Alucard like a half-robot hero, even when using skills the animation effect is very cool. There will be a hologram animation effect like broken glass when Alucard uses his skills.

One of them, when using the ultimate or Fission Wave skill for the first time. Alucard’s sword will emit a purple light that flickers. In fact, the resulting recall effect is very cool. When recalling, there will be a purple holographic circle surrounding Alucard.

After that, this fighter hero will ride his motorcycle, spin until it emits sparks, then return to base. This Legend skin is quite expensive, because it requires quite a lot of diamonds to get it.

Aldous’s Blazing Force Skin

Aldous's Blazing Force Skin

Still talking about fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, Aldous is a hero who has a special ability in his right hand. This hero is famous for his great ability to kill opponents with one to two hits in the late game.

Aldous’s cool skin is not as expensive as Obsidian Blade, but you could say it’s one of the coolest Mobile Legends skins. Different from usual, Aldous not only wears a headgear, but also a cowboy hat that emits flames.

Yes, Blazing Force is a cowboy-themed skin, where Aldous is seen dressed in all black complete with his cowboy accessories. Starting from the handcuffs that hang on his right waist, the badge attached to his chest, to the red robe with the skull symbol. This skin really shows the fierce side of an Aldous.

The effect that makes this skin look cool is the shield in the form of a golden hexagon badge that appears when Aldous uses his second skill. Or when using the ultimate skill or Chase Fate which allows Aldous to lock the opponent. When using the Blazing Force skin, Aldous will collect fire before locking the opponent. It then turns into a rotating gear and hits the opponent.

Skin Codename – Saber’s Storm

Saber's Storm skin codename

Switching from the fighter hero, the next coolest skin is the hero assassin skin, Saber. Apart from being easy to use, this assassin hero is still widely used by players because of its high mobility, and the resulting damage is quite large. There have been many Saber skins launched by Mobile Legend and they are all pretty cool.

But, different from other Saber skins, Codename – Storm has a very fantastic appearance. Showing golden yellow wings that sparkled, matching the color of the blade he was holding. This blade will give an arrow effect before hitting the opponent when Saber uses a basic attack after skill one.

Considering that Saber usually doesn’t get wings on other skins, this skin can be said to be different and really cool. When playing rank using this skin, the flying effect produced by these wings will increase the player’s enthusiasm.

When viewed from some of the other Saber skins, they issued black red blades for skill one or Orbiting Swords. However, Codename – Storm makes the blade that Saber releases golden yellow with a more unique shape than usual.

Lancelot’s Swordmaster Skin

Lancelot's Swordmaster Skin

The assassin hero who is no less stunning when played by reliable players in Mobile Legends is Lancelot. It takes super fast hand skills to be able to play this one hero well. But, that doesn’t mean newbies can’t use this hero.

Talking about the coolest Mobile Legends skin, compared to other Lancelot skins, this skin that was released at the end of 2020 has a quite different appearance. The location of the striking difference is not in its appearance, but in Lancelot’s mainstay weapon.

It was usually just an ordinary sword, but this time Lancelot’s sword gave off a golden light and flared slightly. Meanwhile, his clothes are dominated by dark blue with the addition of gray, gold, and flashes of gold.

In this skin, Lancelot looks dashing but still maintains a somewhat feminine appearance. Judging from the preview alone, the Swordmaster skin already looks cool when Lancelot fights and defeats the dragon. This skin can be obtained through a spin event held by Mobile Legends at the end of 2020.

Skin Mobile Legends can’t be underestimated. The function of the Mobile Legends hero skin is not only to increase the strength of the hero, but also to make the hero look very attractive. From the coolest Mobile Legends skins above, which one do you already have?

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