The “Fortnite” Game can finally be downloaded at the Google Play Store

After the Epic Games developer boycotted the Google Play Store for approximately 1.5 years, the battle royale game ” Fortnite ” is now back on the Android platform.

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Previously, users who wanted to play Fortnite on Android had to install the game through an ideloading process , or download it from a third-party app store, not from the Play Store.

The reason Epic Games finally brought Fortnite to the Google Play Store app store was that the Fortnite application, which was distributed via third-party app stores, turned out to be in their disadvantage.

“As pop-ups continue to appear to download updates, strict agreements with operators or manufacturers, and Google puts third-party applications as malware ,” wrote Epic Games. In addition, Epic Games also highlights Google Play Protect which has the right to block applications that are obtained from outside the Play Store.

“Therefore, we are launching Fortnite for Android on the Google Play Store. We will continue to operate Epic Games App and Fortnite outside of Google Play,” Epic Games wrote.

The game developer also hopes Google will change its policies and the way they do business, so that all developers can carry out commercial activities with consumers on Android, without having to go through the Play Store.

“Including the matter of payment services, in order to compete at the same level,” concluded Epic Games. Previously, Epic Games decided not to distribute the Android version of Fortnite to the Google Play Store, because Google was considered unfair to game developers.

Fortnite also collaborates with Samsung mobile phone vendors in distributing its games. The Google Play Store alone takes overall game revenue around 30 percent, while 70 percent flows to developers. For note, Fortnite itself is a free game to play.

Even so, Fortnite still earns revenue from paid content such as costumes, weapons, reactions, dance moves, and Battle Pass access. This battle royale game can also be played on various platforms, such as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android.

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