The Last Of Us Part 2 – Great Hope After A Long Wait!

After long years of waiting, now finally one of the biggest masterpieces of the year – The Last of Us Part 2 is ready to launch in less than a month. Although it was postponed several times with various problems surrounding it, our big hopes in this one game did not recede at all.

Born again through the talented talents behind Naughty Dog, the various screenshots and gameplay that they have released looks amazing. The game seemed to be one of the spearheads of the exclusive PlayStation 4 line-up that was at the end of this age.

New things presented by Naughty Dog look much more interesting than the first series. Through the videos and screenshots they have shown, this is enough to support our high level of hype. So is it true that The Last of Us Part 2’s amazing presentation fits the reality? And what exactly does Naughty Dog offer through this ambitious project?

Luckily for us to taste The Last of Us Part 2 well in advance of the official release date. Through the experience we’ve been through, we will give you the first impression throughout the beginning of the game.

Of course the impression we provide will not contain any spoilers and explicit details. We also will not attach screenshots of the ingame that we have taken. Instead, we will provide a preview image of the assets that have been provided for us.

First impression

Through the initial impression of our playthrough (which you can also see through Neil Drcukmann’s presentation through the State of Play a few days ago), there are many interesting things that can be seen from The Last of Us Part 2.

More than a sequel, there are many things they try to present much better than the first series. Naughty Dog seemed to want to present the experience of playing games while watching a movie. We have to admit that there are only a few developers who are able to present the experience in such a way.

Returning to the adventure as Ellie, you will be brought to a more cinematic and immersive gaming experience. Dive deeper into a ruined world and reunite with nature in the aftermath of a terrible zombie outbreak that has now eaten away at the world. Looking at once terrible and beautiful at the same time, that is what is in the world of The Last of Us Part 2.

Emphasizing the deeper exploration side, various regions presented have their own impressive atmosphere. This time we will discuss Seattle, a massive city with advanced civilizations in the past, which is now filled with various plants and wild swamps that surround it.

It can be described in detail, complete with various environments that look very lively. Likewise with every architecture of the building and various interiors in it that can look “old and abandoned”. Making the experience gained increasingly feels more immersive and “should”.

It is also increasingly supported by the strength of Naughty Dog Engine which is more perfect. We can see how amazing the various details presented. As if pushing the power of PlayStation 4, which is at the end of this age at its peak. One thing for sure we can confirm is, this game doesn’t experience any visual downgrades and is ready to make you stunned.

Various trailers and gameplay previously shown ended up in accordance with this final version. You will see how immersive the gameplay experience is presented, complete with animated movements that are far more fluid. The main elements of the previous game are now back with a myriad of more impressive improvements.

Now Ellie can swim, bend with grass, dodge, use knives, and much more. This further enriches the portion of gameplay by presenting various things that we can do. In addition, variations in the enemy also look more diverse, not only humans and zombies, we are also shown dogs that can “smell and detect” Ellie’s whereabouts. This makes all battles feel much more strategic and creative to do.

The stealth and action mechanism looks even deeper, you can do various gameplay approaches according to your playing style. Attacking blindly, stealthing, or even combining them into a variety of choices you can make.

Moreover, with the intelligence of the AI ​​who can adjust, they look quite challenging to deal with even at normal levels of difficulty. Each battle scheme requires different strategies and approaches to be more easily resolved. We will not talk any further, for this we will reveal in more detail through the upcoming full review.

As far as our impressions are, The Last of Us Part 2 feels as an extraordinary masterpiece capable of arousing our desires.

Apart from the various issues and problems that hit it, we remain enthusiastic and have high hopes for this one game. More than just a sequel, we feel for all these years Naughty Dog poured all his ability for his work on this one.

The cold endeavor of the hands behind Naughty Dog has presented a “red apple” that can’t wait to be picked. Making The Last of Us Part 2 a long wait with a myriad of great hopes in it. Of course there are still many interesting things presented by Naughty Dog on this ambitious project.

There are still many surprises that are still stored neatly, but of course we will discuss it more deeply through a full review that we will give on 12 June. While the full game can be enjoyed on June 19, exclusive to PlayStation 4 only.

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